What You Need to Know About Event 201: A Global Pandemic Exercise

In October 2019, just six weeks before coronavirus cases began popping up in China, world leaders met for an event that they call Event 201. Absolutely everything about this virus was war-gamed at this meeting. You can find all of it on their own website https://www.centerforhealthsecurity.org/event201/about.

Health officials, government leaders and business leaders from all around the world met at this event to discuss what was needed in case of a global pandemic. They titled this meeting event 201, because there are about 200 virus outbreaks every year, but what they met to discuss was the 201st virus, a fast moving virus that turns into a global pandemic.

This meeting was put together by John Hopkins University, Bill Gates and the World Economic Forum. I am not saying that the virus was created by these people but the response to the virus was created by these people. Organizations like the World Economic Forum have a goal for a one world government system that looks a lot like the Chinese system. Those that met at this event want a public private partnership between big government and big corporations.

In this simulation, 65 million people died, GDP contracted by 11%. and markets plummet by 40%. In the final video produced at this event, they claimed that the economic damage from this event could last a decade, and would result in the distrust of news.

Except for the amount of deaths, they got almost everything right. They predicted shortages of basic supplies due to people hoarding out of fear. Countries have banned traveling from hard hit countries, causing travel stocks to plummet. People avoided public places. The markets plummeted due to the world being shutdown.

They may not have created this virus in a lab, although all evidence does point to this virus escaping from the a lab in Wuhan, but they were just waiting for a global pandemic to seize control of the world economy. They knew that eventually a global pandemic would break out and that they could use it to their advantage. “Climate Change” was no longer working so they had to find some kind of an event that they could push their radical environmental and economic agendas and they found that with the outbreak of Covid-19.

This meeting isn’t what the issue is. It’s good they met to discuss what would happen if there was a global pandemic. But the problem is what the solutions they came up with. A global government that controls every aspect of your life and even goes as far as discussing how social media should respond to “misinformation” and “disinformation”. As we have seen over the past year, anyone who is skeptical of the approved narrative coming from organizations like the CDC and World Economic Forum are deemed as “conspiracy theorists” who are spreading “misinformation and “disinformation”.

The people that tell you that you should just “follow the science” and try to silence you for questioning are the people that should be questioned the most.

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