What Made America Great and the New Normal

At the beginning of the pandemic, we started hearing terms like the “new normal”. I don’t think any of us fully understood what that meant at the time. I have been saying since near the beginning of the pandemic that we are never fully getting back to normal regarding things like mask mandates. But this goes far beyond masks. This is going to affect every area of your life and your life will change significantly in the very near future.

America is very quickly declining from a first world country into a second, and maybe even a third world country by 2030. Your standard of living is going to drastically change over the next few years. Your standard of living will be significantly lower. You will continue to see shortages and probably come across things that you will have to wait months or years for. If you think that the shortages that you saw last year were bad, you haven’t seen anything yet.

Brick by brick, the America that we grew up in is being dismantled and transformed into something that we don’t recognize. In 2008, Presidential Candidate Barack Obama promised that he was going to “fundamentally transform America” and he delivered on that promise and now Joe Biden is putting the final pieces of this new America together.


We went from a nation that believed in energy independence and worked towards that independence. By the end of Trump’s term, we were fully energy independent for the first time. Not anymore. Just within the first few months of the Biden administration, he ended expansion of the keystone pipeline and he shut down drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Biden then had to go and beg OPEC to increase production to combat the skyrocketing prices at the pump and they said no. We went from being energy independent to having to beg other countries to produce more, all within a few months.

Now by 2030 we are told that all new cars need to be electric. How are we going to power these cars? Apparently, with wind. That worked out well for Texas last winter when the windmills froze and all of the gas powered plants were shut down. We also see this in California repeatedly during the summer months. It’s going to get much worse when you suddenly have all of these new cars on the road and not enough energy to power them. I don’t know what they are planning to do at night and when the wind isn’t blowing if we aren’t actually going to be producing reliable forms of energy like gas and coal.

CNBC host, Kelly Evans, warned about the future that America is facing due to how rapidly we are shifting away from fossil fuels. “Every household and business on the planet right now should be thinking hard about how they get power, and how good their backup options are. The ‘mushy middle’ of this global energy transition could be a very uncomfortable place to be.” She is right. It’s one thing to say that we will gradually reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and work on making things like solar and wind to be more efficient and someday we could get most of our energy from green technology and maybe have oil and coal only as a backup. But we aren’t doing that. The Biden administration has set 2030 in stone when the green technology isn’t ready and likely won’t be for decades. Because of how rapidly we are switching away, you will see rolling black and brownouts nationwide frequently.

Going green also means we will be more dependent on countries like China, that produces almost everything from our computer chips to batteries to solar and wind components. China is by far the number 1 maker of solar panels and solar panel components, with 8 out of the top 10 companies being Chinese. American companies make just 1% of the worlds solar panels. 95% of solar modules rely on one material, polysilicon. China makes 80% of the world’s polysilicon. 7 out of the top 10 wind powered companies are also Chinese. Afghanistan has between $1-$3 trillion in rare earth minerals.. These minerals are vital to electric vehicle production but we just gave that country over to China.

It’s not even good for the planet. Electric vehicle production actually uses more energy and puts more CO2 into the air but it’s not really about the planet at all. It’s about control and bringing us under a system similar to China. That new system is called the Great Reset.

So while we are moving rapidly away from reliable sources of energy like gas and coal and towards inefficient and unreliable technology, China is rapidly expanding their coal and oil production.

This isn’t going to just effect how you power your home. Yes, you will see rolling brown and blackouts in the near future unless we get off this path, and it doesn’t look like we will. But you will see shortages of everything, Anything that is transported by truck you will face significant shortages.


We are a nation that use to take pride in working hard and pulling yourself up by your bootstraps. It use to be embarrassing to be taking handouts and not working. And there’s nothing wrong with going through a season where you need a handout. But now we live in a country that takes pride in not working. We have millions refusing to go back to work because they are able to sit at home and make more on unemployment and various other welfare programs.

We are a country that was build by entrepreneurs. Now many of them were driven out of business by Progressives who forced them to shut down because of a virus, while letting corporations like Walmart and Home Deport remain open. It was too dangerous for you to go to your local mom and pop hardware store, but it was perfectly fine to crowd into a Walmart or Home Deport.

We now live in a country where 61% of people paid zero taxes last year, while the other 39% were the ones keeping the country afloat. Remember back in 2012 when Mitt Romney claimed that you’ll never get 47% of the people to come along with us because they don’t pay taxes and warned that if that number ever gets over 50% that we would lose the country? Remember the outrage that followed that comment? 61% now don’t pay taxes.

We have people in charge that want universal basic income where the government will just send you money every month and you won’t have to work. Congress has never officially passed UBI but you are seeing that from unemployment to the monthly checks that parents will now be getting.

The farther down this road that we go, the more shortages you are going to see until we look like Venezuela. You can’t pay people to sit at home and not produce anything and then not expect a breakdown of the system.

It’s already breaking down. Before COVID, having one cargo ship off the coast of California waiting to unload was a pretty big deal. We now have 90 waiting to get into the port of Los Angeles. That’s why you are seeing shortages and much larger shortages coming in the very near future. This is the new normal.


If the upcoming energy crisis or labor crisis isn’t bad enough for you, it gets worse.

Food and agriculture sectors are responsible for 20% of our economic activity, employing 23 million and equaling 15% of all US employment. If you own a family farm, currently you are able to pass that farm down to your children or grandchildren and be exempted from paying federal estate taxes as long as it’s worth under $11.7 million. So if my grandfather owned a family farm and paid $20,000 for that farm in 1920. And that farm today is now valued at $5 million, I would be exempted from paying federal estate taxes. But under the new proposal, I would have to pay taxes on how much that farm has increased in value since my grandfather bought it in 1920 on anything over $3.5 million. It would be treated as an investment despite family farmers making almost nothing. I would be stuck paying taxes on all of that increase.

The average family farm will incur $1.4 million in new tax liabilities. How is a family farm going to come up with that amount of money without selling their farm? A vast majority won’t. They’ll have to sell the farm to pay off their taxes and the already crumbling food chain gets worse.

The World Economic Forum is also pushing a new way to do farming and create incentives so that farmers can be carbon neutral and carbon positive. Consumers are going to be pushed to choose healthier food and foods that are better for the environment. They claim that 30% of greenhouses gases come from farms and that farms need to become carbon neutral. That means, that farmers who don’t raise livestock are going to be incentivized. Think the price of meat is high now? Just wait until there’s a lot fewer producers.

We also have the Half Earth Project and the America the Beautiful act. The Biden administration along with the World Economic Forum want to conserve 30% of all of the land and waterways in the world by 2030. 20% is going to be set aside immediately for “climate stabilization areas”. The idea is to force people to get away from single family homes and force you into the cities.


Inflation can be summed up this way. Too many dollars chasing too few goods. Prices are skyrocketing at the fastest pace in 30 years because we aren’t producing anything. Demand is sill there but we are producing less because so many people are refusing to go back to work.

The Federal Reserve knows that a collapse is coming. Just last week, they announced that they will reduce their monthly bond purchases and will begin raising interest rates early next year, a lot sooner then previously expected. Inflation is out of control and they need to try to reign it back in.

New tax proposals by the Biden administration are going to make things even worse. Now, the new proposal is that in an effort to go after the rich who they claim aren’t paying taxes, banks would be required to report any withdrawals or deposits over $600. Withdrawing $600 means I’m rich now under this new system?

This is moving us into a new digital dollar where they will be able to track what you spend your money on. This is all part of the Great Reset and the new ESG scores that are already being rolled out. You will likely be seeing redistribution of wealth with the transfer to this new digital dollar.

Let’s also not forget to mention that the value of the dollar has plummeted every time they have tried this. We usually see around a 40% devaluation. That means if you had $10,000 saved, that only has about $6,000 of buying power now. But now we are going to throw equity into the mix. So if you are a rich white person, you will get less when you trade your dollars into digital dollars. You might end up getting .40 on the dollar. But if you can check off a few minority boxes like if you are trans and black, you have just checked off two boxes in the “oppressed” category so you might get $1.25 back for every dollar you convert. This is how they are going to do redistribution of wealth without calling it that.

Your life is going to change significantly and you need to prepare for it. Next week, I am going to go over ways that you should be preparing. You need to get prepared financially, spiritually, mentally and emotionally for your world to change. And it’s going to begin to change rapidly.

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