Bank of America Warns “Hyper-Inflation is Coming”

Lumber is up 265%. Corn up 84%. Cooper up 83%. Sugar up 59%. Cotton up 54%. Coffee up 13%. These are just a few of the items that have seen skyrocketing prices over the last 12 months and things are about to get much worse.

You need to do whatever you can now to prepare for what’s coming because inflation is going to skyrocket over the coming months. You need to pay down your debt as fast as possible and stock up on essential items immediately because you will see massive shortages and skyrocketing prices over the coming months.

Recently, during Bank of America’s earning call they claimed that you need to “Buckle up! Inflation is here”. Bank of America is now predicting that at the very least, “transitory” hyper-inflation is coming in their latest report.

There is a few ways that you can prepared for what’s coming and you must prepare immediately because things are likely to happen fast.

  1. Stock up on essential items such as food, toilet paper, etc. This is the most important thing that you can do and you need to do it right now. Massive shortages are coming and the items that you are going to be able to buy you probably won’t be able to afford because they are going to skyrocket in value. You need to buy as much as you can right now. I would recommend buy enough for a year for your family if you can afford it and extra to be able to trade if you can do more.
  2. Buy things that will have value when things get really bad. Things such as alcohol and cigarettes. Even if you don’t drink or smoke, many people do. These items you will be able to trade when things get really bad.
  3. You need to either pay off your debt or get your debt locked into a set interest rate. Interest rates are going to need to skyrocket to rein in this inflation. You need to get locked into an interest rate that is low immediately.
  4. Invest in commodities such as sugar, corn, wheat, cotton, coffee, chocolate, lumbar, etc. Don’t get into debt to invest with a goal to get rich, but if you can afford to invest without getting into debt, invest in these, at least short term. No one knows for sure how bad things are going to get but when Bank of America is even warning about “transitory hyper-inflation” at the very least, things are going to get bad. Holding these for six months is probably going to be very safe. These aren’t investments I would hold on to long term because they will plummet when inflation finally returns to normal but short term you are likely to make out very well.
  5. Invest in physical gold and silver. I would recommend holding at least 10% in precious metals. Do not invest in paper gold or silver. Make sure you have a currency that you can trade.
  6. Have a bugout bag ready and figure out where to go in case things get really bad if there is a complete breakdown of the system. I know this sounds crazy and it may not happen but you need to be prepared for anything.
  7. Stock up on seeds and consider planting a garden.
  8. Try to cut spending as much as possible to prepare for what’s coming but don’t keep that money in the bank. Use it to buy things that are going to have value when the dollar collapses.
  9. Do not tell people what you are doing. Prepare quietly because you will become a target.

Please take this seriously and do whatever you can to prepare for what’s coming. A rapid rise in inflation is not coming, IT IS HERE and hyper-inflation is coming soon. Please get prepared.


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