The Big Party Switch That NEVER Actually Happened

It seems like every minute of every day we are told that the Republican party is full of white supremacists who wants to bring back groups like the KKK. If you are like me, generally you bring up things such as it was the first Republican President to end slavery (Abraham Lincoln). It was the Republican party that passed things such as the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments. It was the Democrat party who stood against the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments. It was the Democrat party who owned a vast majority of the slaves. It was the Democrat party (not Republicans) who created the KKK and harassed and murdered, not only blacks but any white Republicans who stood with black Americans. It was also progressive hero Woodrow Wilson who re-segregated the country, progressive hero FDR who appointed KKK members to his administration and progressive hero LBJ who voted against every single civil rights bill from 1937 to 1956 while he was in congress, and then suddenly (in 1957) became this “champion” for civil rights. 

And no, the guy who was previously a member of the KKK and stood against every single rights bill when he made it to congress didn’t just suddenly have his “come to Jesus” moment in 1957 and became a champion. He knew that the Democrats were losing control of the black community and the only way to get them back was that he had to change his spots and make it seem like he was this great champion. His nomination of African American lawyer Thurgood Marshall in 1967 is proof of that. When an aide suggested to LBJ that there were other qualified black jurists and then suggested Judge A. Leon Higginbotham, LBJ is on record saying “The only two people who have ever heard of Judge Higginbotham are you and his momma. When I appoint a nigger to the court, I want everyone to know he’s a nigger.” Yeah, he sure sounds like his old racist self.

Now of course all of this is because the parties switched sides. The Democrats aren’t the racists that they once were, because the racists all moved into the Republican party. Or did they? 

I really should write an entire book on this topic at some point because it’s very hard to find any actual facts. Almost every article that you will ever read on this topic, peddles the claim that the Democratic Party of today is not the Democratic Party that spent nearly 200 years promoting segregation and racism. Sure maybe the old Democrats were like that but all of the racists moved into the Republican party and it’s the Republican party who wants to bring back the KKK, lynchings, white supremacy, oppression for minorities (whom we are told are already oppressed) and “ put you all back in chains”, as current presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden said in 2012. 

Yes, I do believe that many minorities are oppressed, but it’s not the Republican Party that is doing the oppression, it’s the Democrat Party who has designed to keep them enslaved in the cities. It is the Democrat Party who has been in control of many of these cities for decades, and yet minorities have seen no improvement in their lives. And no, “The Big Switch” never actually happened.

In the 1960’s Democrats recognized that they had to do something to keep control of black Americans. LBJ’s support for the 1964 Civil Rights Act wasn’t because of some moral awakening, but a political strategy. That may seem like an outrageous claim, but you don’t have to go any further then his own words. “I’ll have them niggers voting Democratic for two hundred years.” 

At this time, white racism was rapidly declining due to Hitler’s rise. People saw how horrible Hitler treated people and finally started waking up to how they were treating blacks. White racism in America started to plummet. It was due to the changing culture, that LBJ was backed into a corner and was forced to sign the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Between a changing culture, and many blacks, six million of them, decided that it was time to leave the South and move into cities like Philadelphia, New York and Chicago, where they were allowed to vote, after decades of the Democrats suppressing the black vote. Democrats knew they needed to do something to maintain the power, because it was fading fast. Between blacks already being able to vote in the Northern states, and these six million new voters, for the first time the black vote became significant. Democrats knew that and they had to figure out a way to bring new voters into the party, but also bring back a majority of the black vote.

If they couldn’t revive racism, they needed to figure out a way to bring more voters in to the party to make up for the loss of racists who were losing their prejudices of blacks. They didn’t move to the Republican Party as many leftists like to claim, but they recognized that racism was wrong because they saw how Hitler treated people who he thought was beneath him, and they finally woke up. 

So how did they convince the black community to stay with the very same party that spent years oppressing them? The War on Poverty. They created a system where blacks would be dependent on the Democrats for life. And as long as they keep voting Democrat, the Democrats would be their caretakers. 

The taxpayer are now put on the hook for the sins of the Democrat Party. It was not America that treated blacks worse then animals, it was the Democrat Party. But now, even people who have never supported the actions of the Democrats are now forced to pay for their sins. 

I don’t really blame the mindset that America owes them something on the black community as much as I do on the Democrat Party. It was the Democrats who enslaved them for decades. It was the Democrats that suppressed their right to vote for decades. It was the Democrats who blocked every single civil rights bill for decades. It was the Democrats that re-segregated America. And it was the Democrats who thwarted the Reconstruction era, when Republicans were trying to give blacks a fair start after what the Democrats did to them. 

Why is it that the poorest cities in America, are all run by Democrats and have been for decades, and yet the very same people keep getting re-elected? Cities such as the #1 poorest city in America, Detroit, Michigan, who has had a Democrat mayor since 1962.

The system was designed to give blacks just enough freedom and support, but still keep them enslaved by anti-poverty and anti-racist programs. They have to make it look like they care about blacks, but they still need to keep them oppressed enough so that they don’t realize that the Democrat party doesn’t give a damn about their well being. They’ll meet the needs of the black community just enough, where they are trapped in their poverty but yet won’t go out and work. As American author Shelby Steele puts it in A Dream Deferred “Nowhere in the ancient or modern world…is there the idea that people will become self-sufficient if they are given a lifetime income that is slightly better than subsistence with no requirement either to work or educate themselves.” The Democratic Party doesn’t want them to be self-sufficient because then they would quickly realize that they don’t need the Democrats and any control that they have over the black community would quickly collapse. 

So the only place where this “Big Switch” actually took place was in the imagination of progressives. Out of the all the Dixiecrats who broke away from the Democrats, just one actually joined the Republican Party and that was Strom Thurmond. The Democrats never denounced racism, never apologized for the oppression of black Americans, and never forced the racists out of their party. 

The South didn’t just start voting Republican in the 1950’s because the racist left the party, but it was actually the least racist people that left the Democrat Party first and joined the Republican Party, according to a study done by political scientists Byron Shafer and Richard Johnston. The States in the South that were least racist switch to Republicans first because of their free market philosophy (yes, there was a time when Republicans actually believed in the free market). What is known as the Old South eventually transitioned into the GOP camp, but that wasn’t until the 1970’s and 1980’s, due to Ronald Reagan’s pro-life, pro free-market, pro-patriotism, and pro-family values stances. 

At what point do black American’s say enough is enough and we are not going to continue to serve on the left’s plantation? At what point do black Americans get tired of being manipulated and start to stand up to the party who has spent decades oppressing them and still does to this day. It’s time that black Americans leave the Democrat plantation once and for all.


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