World Day Against Persons in Trafficking

We are hearing constantly about slavery from the 1800’s and some are even going as far as claiming that we need reparations for the black community over the atrocities that were committed. No one disagrees that slavery was a really ugly stain on America. But what about the modern day slaves? Why doesn’t that get […]

The Big Party Switch That NEVER Actually Happened

It seems like every minute of every day we are told that the Republican party is full of white supremacists who wants to bring back groups like the KKK. If you are like me, generally you bring up things such as it was the first Republican President to end slavery (Abraham Lincoln). It was the […]

Reparations, Slavery in America, and the Story You Haven’t Heard

The talk about reparations has been in the news a lot lately but it isn’t something new. This is an issue that comes up every few elections and it’s an insane idea each time. An idea that doesn’t actually solve anything, other then move us one giant step closer to socialism.  Several Democrat Presidential Candidates […]