Inside the Shocking 2017 Document That Predicted COVID Outbreak

Did John Hopkins Center for Health Security predict the COVID outbreak back in 2017? I read through this entire document and it was creepy how accurately it appears to have predicted, not only that there would be a global pandemic, because that was just common sense that at some point there would be a global pandemic again, but the response to that pandemic and even the “conspiracy theories” that would result from the governments response to the pandemic. It even mentions specific tribes and countries that would be skeptical of the vaccine.

I know this sounds crazy which is why I want to encourage you to do your own homework. Take the times and read this 70+ page document from John Hopkins and come to your own conclusions. You don’t need someone telling you what to think, you are smart enough to do this research on your own and come up with your own conclusions. I will provide the document and encourage you to take the time to read it.

Before I get in to their predictions I want to set the stage for this futuristic pandemic that they write about. The document is called “The Spars Pandemic 2025-2028: A Futuristic Scenario for Public Health Risk Communicators” which you can still find on their website It describes an event similar to COVID where there’s a global pandemic, people start dying from symptoms that were similar to the flu but then tests came back negative for the flu.

The really creepy part of this document is how closely they predicted the reactions to the virus and the response.

Spars not as Dangerous as originally thought

Like with COVID, the early SPARS fatality rate was inflated. With Spars, the CDC originally predicted that the fatality rate was 4.7%, later to find out that the actual fatality rate was closer to .6%. With COVID there were reports that the fatality rate could be over 6% and some countries were reporting a 15% fatality rate for COVID. We know now that the actual fatality rate is no where near as bad as initially thought and that the actual rate is somewhere between 1-3% for most countries and by some estimates significantly lower.

I’m not claiming that the CDC intentionally inflated these numbers here. I’m only making the case that this virus is no where near as dangerous as originally thought and that is really good news. I’m only making the comparison between the SPARS pandemic from the document and what ended up being the case with COVID.

Agency Officials Enlist Help of Celebrities to Push Vaccine

With SPARS, agency officials enlisted the help of well known celebrities, scientists and others to make short videos supporting the vaccine. If you have been on social media at all these past few months, daily we see celebrities showing their vaccination cards, trying to get you to take this COVID “vaccine”. I use “vaccine” lightly, because it’s not actually a vaccine, but no one cares to mention that.

We also have this video with celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Robert De Niro pushing this new Well Health Seal that you will soon be seeing and you can watch that full video here: In a future article I am going to get in to what this new Well Health Seal means but for now I am only going to make the comparison between what John Hopkins predicted and the reality with COVID.

Anger Over How Vaccine is Being Administered

With SPARS there was anger over how the vaccine was being administered. This anger particularly focused on the “lack of access to primary care” and that this lack of access could result in unequal access to the drug.

This claim is almost exactly what is out of the news with this new COVID “vaccine”. We are now told that if you are a minority, you may not have equal access to the vaccine and that we should prioritize giving the vaccine to minorities because they have an unfair disadvantage and they are dying at a higher rate, according to VOX ( and others. Of course this virus does not see skin color and there are many reason why minorities as a whole are harder hit then whites, such as eating habits and living in a city where any type of virus will spread much quicker than someone who lives out in the country.

Minorites Are Skeptical About Taking Vaccine

Like with SPARs, minorities are skeptical of taking the COVID vaccine due to medical mistreatment in the past. The Chicago Sun Times cites Tuskegee syphilis research experiments as the reason that minorities are more hesitant to take this vaccine for COVID than non minorities.

This similarities between SPARS and COVID go on and on for 70 pages. It gets into what they call “conspiracy theories” about the virus escaping from a lab. Despite the corporate media initially calling the claims that COVID escaped from a biochemical lab in Wuhan a “conspiracy theory”, all evidence points to this being true. Even a former Director of the CDC has claimed this recently. Like COVID, SPARs also originated in Asia.

The one thing we haven’t seen yet is the neurological side effects from taking the vaccine which showed up about a year after taking the SPARS vaccine. We are now seeing reports of different vaccines being suspended in different countries because of blood clots and other side effects. With SPARS, those that took the vaccine, particularly those with other medical conditions, developed side effects such as blurred vision, headaches and numbness in different parts of their body.

Make with this what you will. When reading this document I found it extremely creepy how John Hopkins was able to predict almost exactly the response to the virus and we followed the exact same timeline as with this futuristic SPARS pandemic.

Before taking this “vaccine”, you need to know the facts before making that decision. I am not telling you to take it or not to take it. That is a personal choice that you are smart enough to make on your own. But you need to know the facts first, which the media isn’t giving you.

  1. The virus is no where near as deadly as originally thought.
  2. This “vaccine” is not actually a vaccine and only suppresses symptoms if you were to get the virus.
  3. None of the current COVID “vaccines” have been approved by the FDA for general use. They have been approved for “emergency use only” and are still experimental drugs.
  4. We don’t know the long term side effects. With actual vaccines, it takes years to develop and are tested on mice first. This vaccine was rushed to the market in less than a year, and was not tested on mice first. It’s possible that 99.9% of people can take this vaccine and have no long term side effects. It’s also possible that other side effects can develop for millions of people a year after they take it. It’s still way too early to tell what long term side effects those who take this “vaccine” will develop.

You need to know the potential risks for taking a drug that has not been tested enough and has not been FDA approved. If you want to take it knowing the risks then that is your choice. I have decided that I am not going to take this vaccine at least for a few years to see if those that have taken it have developed side effects from it and that is my choice. It’s really unethical what the media is doing and the important information that they are intentionally ignoring. This is why you really need to start taking the time to do your own research and draw your own conclusions.

If you would like to read the document for yourself, click here:

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