At What Cost?

The last few weeks have been extremely terrifying. Not because of the virus itself, but because of the response to the virus. At what cost are we trying to slow the spread of this virus down, because there is going to be a severe cost that we all will have to pay. Whether it’s financially or a lost of our freedoms, each one of us will pay a very costly price.

This virus is scary and the most dangerous virus outbreak since the Spanish flu in 1918. There is no doubt that we all need to do our part in slowing the spread of this. But is it worth shutting down the entire economy over? Is it worth spending trillions and trillions of dollars to “stimulate” the economy when we are already $135 trillion in debt? (Yes, you read that right. We are $135 trillion in debt. You thought the $24 trillion in debt was bad, but that doesn’t include all of the unfunded liabilities that we are going to be stuck paying for.) Is it worth allowing the government to violate our civil liberties even more then they already do? 

When the dust finally settles, hopefully sooner then later, what is America are going to look like? Will the America that we currently know even still exist? Which of your rights will be violated during this “crisis” and will the new standard be to suspend those rights “until further notice” every time there is something that can be perceived as a “crisis”? What lasting impact will shutting a majority of businesses in the country have on our future? What lasting impact will the now $6 trillion in stimulus bills passed have on the economy? How is a nation that is already in this much debt going to pay for what will likely end up hitting $10 trillion in “stimulus” bills? Will there even be an economy left to save if businesses are forced to close for several months?

These are all very serious questions that we each need to ask. I am not downplaying how dangerous this virus is. This is a serious crisis. But Donald Trump was right a few weeks ago when he said “We cannot let the cure be worse then the problem”. We cannot overreact to the problem, and allow the cure to kill us, which is the direction that we are heading.

First, let’s looking at the economic impact of shutting down the entire country until “further notice”. We still have no idea what that actually means. I’ve been saying from the start that this was going to last more then the 2 weeks that they were originally claiming that things will be shut down for. Then it was extended to another 2 weeks. Now it’s just “closed until further notice.”

As someone who grew up in a country where any supply I need was always in stock and everything was always opened, that is slightly terrifying. Imagine how terrifying it is for those small business owners who have no idea when they will be allowed to open again or how they are going to be able to afford to keep their small businesses after being shut down for one month? Two months? Six months? Sure they can now take out this loan, but even if they get it in time, will they even be able to afford to pay it back? 

How many Americans will die by suicide due do to things being shut down for an indefinite time period? What will an increase in divorce rates due to the economy? Let’s expand it to more then just Americans. How many people around the world have been lifted out of poverty due to capitalism, just in the past 30 years? The answer: 1 billion. How many will die if the economic engine of the world is shut down for too long? What if the “cure” turns out to be much much worse then the virus itself?

Second, how will we pay for the $6 trillion in “stimulus” bills that have now been voted on, not to mention that the GDP for the next few months could be the worse that we have EVER seen, including during the Great Depression. Unemployment could hit 35%, 10% higher then unemployment during the Great Depression, at its peak. We were already adding more then $1 trillion to the national debt every year while the economy was booming, so imagine the amount of debt that we will be adding this year and for the next few years while we try to recover from this. 

(Let’s put that $6 trillion into perspective. It took over 200 years, from George Washington to George W. Bush to add $6 trillion to the national debt. Congress and the Federal Reserve did that in one night! Feel good yet about the direction that we are headed in as a nation?)

Countries such as China aren’t going to be able to buy our debt like they have been, so where is the money coming from? The Feds are going to print it. What does that mean for you? What it doesn’t mean is that there are no consequences. You can’t flood the market with trillions of dollars and then not have to pay for it down the road. The way we are going to be forced to pay for it will be with massive inflation. The more money we print, the less that dollar is worth. Meaning that your dollar is going to soon buy less then it currently does.

Third, what rights will you be losing due to this “crisis”? You are already losing your rights and it’s more then just you not being able to work temporarily.

  • All nonessential businesses/churches have been shutdown in all but 4 states. These are not optional shutdowns. In places such as New York, your business or church could be shutdown permanently if you refuse to obey the orders of wannabee dictator Bill De Blasio.
  • Several State now have Stay at Home orders. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo as stated that businesses will be fined, but not civilians (yet). The same day, New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio stated that he will penalize and fine those who refuse to comply with the Stay at Home order in the city of New York. To be clear, States do have this authority, the Federal Government does NOT. That’s the way it should be. But does it stay that way or, if this thing continues to get worse, does Donald Trump overstep his authority and send in the National Guard? It really isn’t that much of a stretch considering that according to, Trump has already “federalized the national guard in 3 states to guard shipments and offload supplies”. The military has also had plans in place for decades to allow the Federal Government to come in to your community and take over for things such as a “public health crisis”. And no, this isn’t some conspiracy. According to directive ADP-328 which passed in July 2019, “Under these rare circumstances, a commander may take prompt action, including direct law enforcement duties, as the circumstances reasonably justify.” You also have DOD instruction 6200.03 which states that “Those individuals or groups not subject to military law and who refuse to obey or otherwise violate an order issued in accordance with this issuance may be detained by the military commander until appropriate civil authorities can respond.”
  • A police department in California has decided to drastically expand their drone program (with Drones made in China) to spy on it’s citizens, and that is very likely coming to a police department near you very soon.
  • Governors in several states including Nevada and Michigan (for about a week before Governor Gretchen Whitmer reversed that decision) are now making health decisions for the doctors and forbidding them to use the lifesaving drug, Chloroquine, a drug that is in fact saving lives. Their hatred for Donald Trump is so bad that they are banning it out of spite, just because Donald Trump stated that it could save lives. Guess your healthcare really doesn’t matter to them as much as they like to claim.
  • Several States and cities have announced quarantines due to severe virus outbreaks in their state/city. The Federal government has that authority as well. According to Federal law, the Federal government can quarantine someone “…only as long as necessary to protect the public.” Okay, so what does that mean exactly? If you trust the government, you probably don’t have an issue with that. If you care about your rights, you do have a problem with open-ended laws that could be used to justify any action by government. “As long as necessary to protect the public”? Could this be used for more then just someone who is sick? Could the “right-wing extremists” gun owners someday be forced to give up their guns? Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to imply that they’ll “take” your guns to protect the public. You’ll be free to keep your guns, you just can’t leave your home. And how do you define the “end of this crisis” anyways? When the number of cases are on the decline or when we are completely free of the danger of spreading coronavirus? Does anyone know how we will know when the crisis has finally come to an end? Or now that I think of it, maybe they will actually take your guns. It wouldn’t be the first time. If you think that’s crazy, look into what the National Guard did in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Precedent has already been set for the National Guard to do this.
  • Several states and cities are now preventing you from buying firearms, while they are in the process of releasing criminals from prison. Geez, what could go wrong there? New Jersey has stopped firearm transfers. The Mayor of New Orleans has issued an Executive Order allowing her to ban the sale and transportation of guns if she sees fit. Gun stores in California and Pennsylvania have been forced to closed. 
  • The DOJ is now seeking new emergency powers to do things such as “grant the Attorney General power to ask the chief judge of any district court to pause proceedings during an emergency and even up to 1 year after the emergency is declared over.” This would apply to “any statutes or rules of procedure otherwise affecting pre-arrest, post-arrest, pre-trial, and post-trial procedures in criminal and juvenile proceeding and all civil process and proceedings.”
    Doesn’t sound too bad until you find out that we currently have 31 emergency declarations still in effect, dating all of the way back to the Carter administration. So what happens if this “emergency declaration” is never declared over?

This virus is dangerous for reasons that have nothing to do with health. From economic to a bigger and more powerful government that controls every aspect of your life, this virus has far more implications then just how many Americans could get sick or even die from it. So I’m going to leave you with this. How much freedom are you willing to give up? Are you comfortable with the Federal government nationalizing the healthcare industry? The banks? The factories? Are you willing to give up all of your Constitutional rights because of “public security”? If you allow the government to take that kind of power, they will never give it up. 

(It is critical for you to be prepared for what’s coming. It is critical that you buy things such as gold and food storage so that you aren’t caught off guard when things really begin to crumble. It is critical that you have a minimum of 2-4 weeks of essential supplies so that you don’t need to panic along with the rest of society when things really do get bad, and I fear that in the near future, they will get much much worse then they currently are.)


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