Did Italy Really Elect the Most “Far-Right” Leader Since Mussolini?

Sunday’s vote hasn’t yet been confirmed and won’t be for several weeks, but it appears that Italy has elected their most “far-right” leader since Mussolini, at least according to the entire leftwing media. You can find this exact same claim everywhere from Politico to The Sun to NPR. It is a little hard to take […]

2017 Politico Fact-Check Backs Up Trump Declassified Process Claims

There is a lot of controversy lately about these classified documents that President Trump allegedly stole from the White House and held in Mar-a-Lago and that is putting our national security at risk. We are told that there is an official process that the President needs to go through to declassify classified documents and that […]

PayPal Drops Gays Against Groomers While Keeping Pro-Pedophile Group

Gays Against Groomers was suspended last week from PayPal and Venmo for “violating” their user agreement while a a Pro-Pedophile Group continues to be in good standing with the organization. “They just said we violated their user agreements, [but] they didn’t say how,” said Gays Against Groomers founder Jaimee Michell. When The Federalist reached out […]

Fed’s Own Economist Warns of “Severe Recession” From Rate Hikes

In July an economist working for the Federal Reserve released a report warning that if the Federal Reserve hiked rates too quickly we could see a repeat of a situation similar to 1920. In 1920 we were just getting out of the pandemic of 1918 and inflation started to skyrocket. The Federal Reserve started to […]

Home Builder Sentiment On Longest Losing Streak Since 1985

“Builder sentiment has declined every month in 2022, and the housing recession shows no signs of abating,” the National Association of Home Builders said Monday. Homebuilder sentiment fell further this month for the ninth month in a row, dropping to 46. This index goes from 0 to 100 and anything below 50 generally signals that […]

Energy, Transportation Secretaries Praise California’s Ban on Gas Powered Cars

Earlier this month Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm praised California’s decision to ban gas powered cars starting in 2035.  During an interview with Los Angeles reporter Elex Michaelson she commended California for  “leaning in” on climate change and noted that the federal government has a goal of half of cars in the U.S. being electric vehicles […]