Where is the Outrage Now That Biden Administration Continues to Put Kids in “Cages”?

Democrats have once again proven their hypocrisy and that their concern wasn’t truly with Donald Trump putting children in cages at the border, and were only using that as one more excuse to express their fake outrage. For fours years, we were told that Trump was like Hitler and ripping children out of the arms of their parents and putting them into “literal concentration camps. ”Representative Alexandria Acosio Cortez did a fake photo op in which we were told was one of these “cages” (in reality she was standing next to a chain linked fence surrounding an empty parking lot) where she pretended to be hysterical over the fact that Hitler reincarnate (aka Donald Trump) was committing this atrocity. But where is she now? Were is the outrage from her and others on the far left?

The policy hasn’t changed they just changed the term now that their side is doing the exact same thing the last administration did and the administration before that. These facilities are no longer called “cages” and “concentration camps” but “migrant facilities”. We are now told by the White House that these “migrant facilities” are only being used temporarily because we are in an “emergency situation” (COVID). Oh. The last administration didn’t also have to deal with that same emergency situation? 

These “migrant facilities” aren’t somehow improved facilities over what the Trump administration was using. The “cages” that the Trump administration was using weren’t just shut down after Biden came into office and then new improved “facilities” were built. Trump didn’t change the facilities that President Obama built. They are the exact same facilities through all three administrations. Yet, somehow no one on the left cared when Obama was putting these children in cages, it suddenly became outrageous when President Trump continued the exact same policy, and now we are back to not caring now that President Biden is doing it. They are the exact same facilities. 

Of course White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki tried to spin this in the favor of the Biden administration. We are told that the Biden administration is only doing this because it’s the compassionate thing to do for these kids that came here without their parents, while the evil Donald Trump was the one that was ripping these children out of the arms of their parents and sending them to these “concentration camps”. 

There are a few things to point out here. She is right when she says that a lot of the time these children are not with their parents and come here alone. That isn’t a new problem. That isn’t something that just suddenly started when Trump left office. That was occurring during the Trump administration as well and that accounts for many of the children that were put into these “cages” under the Trump administration. 

What also is very common is that these children weren’t brought here by their parents and ripped from their parents arms by the evil Donald Trump, but they were separated from those that brought them here until the authorities could determine if they are actually their parents or not. In many cases, children are brought here by people claiming to be their parents when really they are brought here by human traffickers. Are we suppose to just allow these children to stay with those that brought them here without an investigation? When the investigation was completed, and if it was determined that those that brought them here were in fact their parents, they were reunited. 

You could argue that maybe we should come up with a little bit better system that is more efficient but to use one standard when your side is in power and a completely different standard when the other side takes power is disingenuous. The exact same policy has been in place under three administrations now, which was started by the Obama administration. 

We need to get back to some form of sanity and principles. We aren’t going to survive as a nation if we are going to keep playing this game where we are outraged when the other side is in power and then excuse it when our side is doing the exact same thing. You think that there is a better solution to deal with the border crisis, fine. But then don’t just change the terminology when your side starts doing the exact same thing you accused the last administration of doing. 

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and many of those on the far left are only concerned with children in cages when they can use it to their advantage and fundraise off of it. Now that her side is following the exact same policy of the last administration, she is silent. Where are the photo ops now? Where is the comparison to “concentration camps”? Where are the tears Representative Cortez?


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