Now that the 2020 Election is over, What’s Next?

This election has turned out how I was expecting and fearing. Over a month ago I told you that the most likely outcome of the election is a contested race, where no one knows who won for several weeks or possibly even months, and that both sides would declare themselves the winner. I also told you that that uncertainty will lead to chaos. We are there and it’s likely to be a very chaotic few weeks and possibly even months. 

It’s too early to tell who is actually going to win this election and we may not know for several weeks until the Supreme Court rules. Even if a winner is “declared” by the networks, that still won’t mean that that person has actually won and with likely recounts in several states, we can see a situation where a winner is declared and then overturned in December when the Supreme Court steps in. What we do know is that there is at least the appearance of enough fraud in several major states, potentially enough to swing this election. I want to expose some of those examples and tell you what I believe is coming over the next few months.

Ballot Dumps

Let’s start with what happened Election night. I went to bed at 3am and Donald Trump held significant leads in Michigan and Wisconsin. When I woke up at 7am, that lead was gone and Joe Biden was leading in both of those and later declared the winner in both. So how does someone go from leading by several hundred thousand votes, and then suddenly lose? 

It’s not surprising that Trump’s lead shrunk as the mail in votes were counted. That was expected. But how does Biden make up a several hundred thousand vote deficit at 4am when they were suppose to stop counting the votes for the night? How is there a ballot dump of over 100,000 votes in Michigan, and not a single one was for Trump, and under-ballot candidates got no help out of it? Does that seem legitimate to you?

Now I am not saying that a majority of those votes didn’t go for Biden. It is possible that if they were mail in ballots, 70-80% went for Biden. But 100%? Not a single vote for Trump? As Joe Biden would say, “C’mon man”. That has to seem fishy to the average person who just wants a fair and honest election.

To make matters worst, we now have video of a white van dropping suspicious packages off at a convention center in Detroit, where they were counting ballots. The man loaded the packages on to a little red wagon, and walked right past dozens of counters. No one stopped him. There appeared to be no security. It’s possible that he wasn’t dropping off fraudulent votes and he was just dropping off food for the workers. But where was the security? Even if he was there for a legitimate reason, if he could just walk right in, why wouldn’t someone else be able to walk right in and deliver fraudulent ballots?  That should concern every American.

In Philadelphia, 23,000 ballots were dropped off and you guessed it. Not a single Trump ballot. Now I get that it is Philadelphia and that they will vote overwhelmingly for Biden. No one disputes that. But 100%? Not a single person voted for Trump? Again, “C’mon man”. 

Data “errors”

An error in Michigan gave Biden 138,339 votes. Again, “C’mon man” if you really believe that this was just an error and that ever single vote went to Joe Biden. Thankfully Sean Davis from the Federalist pointed this out and the “error” was later corrected.

The New York Times later corrected a data “error” claiming that 95% of the vote was already counted in Arizona. In reality it was only 86% that was already counted, and the areas that were still outstanding were in heavy Trump areas. Arizona was called really early in Biden’s favor, but the Trump team believes they will end up winning Arizona by 10-30k votes.

It’s interesting how all of these “errors” always seem to benefit the Democrats. When was the last time an “error” benefited a Republican? When was the last time a ballot dump happened that went 100% to Republicans? This does not happen.

Trump’s legal team sues to be able to observe vote count in Philadelphia

On Thursday, Trump’s team won a legal fight to have his watchers be able to observe the count in Philadelphia. Both sides are legally allowed to observe the count and Trump’s team was told that they had to stay 50 feet away to watch the vote with binoculars. This is not legal. Both sides have the right to observe the count up close and dispute anything they find illegitimate. It is very likely that Biden took a majority of those, but the opposing party has the right to observe the count. That shouldn’t be a controversial statement, unless you believe there is fraud that favors your candidate and you don’t have a problem with it.

Windows boarded up in Detorit where they are counting ballots 

A window was boarded up at a convention center in Detroit Michigan where they were counting the ballots in a backroom. This does not normally happen. What are they trying to hide? Why are they so afraid of transparency?

Red County Flips Blue

Trump won the rural county of Antrim, Michigan by 30% in 2016. In 2020, with 98% of the votes counted, Trump was trailing Biden by 29%. How? How did Trump lose that many people in a rural red county, and yet didn’t lose the Election by a landslide? One county of Republican voters just turned against the President? And what do you know? This apparently was another “error” where Trump later ended up winning the county by 14%. According to The Detroit News, county officials were investigating this “discrepancy”. Again, they ALWAYS seem to favor Democrats.

Extremely High Turnouts Reported in Some Counties

Milwaukee is one of the slowest growing major cities in the midwest according to the most recent census numbers, with just 1.2% population growth. Somehow turnout rose 40% since 2016. Total voter turnout is 83% for this county. Does that seem normal to you? When have you ever seen 83% turnout?

Dane County, Wisconsin is similarly suspicious. Dane County is Wisconsin’s second largest county, and they also reported 85% voter turnout, despite only adding 50,000 voters in the past decade. Were all of the people that moved to Dane County over the last past decade very active in politics? Not likely.

Total turnout for Wisconsin is supposedly nearly 90%. If registered voters are legitimately starting to pay attention and vote that’s great. But does that seem likely to you?

What comes next? 

We are entering what will be a month of lawsuits and recounts from both sides. Both sides will be challenging the results in the close states. Biden’s campaign hasn’t been too public with the lawsuits, but Trump’s team has announced they have already or will be filing lawsuits in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Arizona, Georgia, Nevada and others are likely to follow. The Trump campaign has also asked for a recount in Wisconsin.

We are entering what will be another few weeks and maybe even months of rioting. If you aren’t prepared for chaos, you must prepare right now. Don’t panic, but prepare.  Prepare emotional, mentally, physically and most importantly spiritually.

I really believe that if Republicans decide to really fight what’s going on, that they will win. I don’t know if that’s going to happen. The Republican Party does not have the backbone that Donald Trump has. Trump is going to fight this. The question is, will the Republican Party stand behind Trump or will they tell him that he needs to just step aside for the good of the country. Former Presidential candidate Rick Santorum has already criticized the President’s response and others will follow.

I don’t believe that Trump stepping aside, if he is the legitimate winner of the election, is the best thing for the country, but many in the spineless GOP will claim that. I really believe that Trump is the legitimate winner of the election, but the question is will he be able to get enough fraud thrown out and get another four years. 

Trump has a very narrow path to win this. He must win Pennsylvania, Georgia, North Carolina, plus either Arizona or Nevada. If he loses any of the first three I mentioned, and doesn’t win either Arizona or Nevada, he’s out. He can legitimately win this and win a second term but it’s going to be challenging. Right now, I don’t see that. A win in Nevada is unlikely, at the time of me writing this, Trump leads Georgia by just 3,600 votes and that gap is likely to close even more, and it’s going to be extremely difficult for Trump to pull off a win in Pennsylvania. He can pull this off, but unless a miracle happens, it’s not likely.

I don’t know if Trump is going to win this election, but he is going to come out the winner, win or lose. It is possible that Biden is declared the winner, but Trump is not going to go away. The left needs to be careful what they wish for because he’s not going to just disappear. 

If Trump loses, he will salt the earth and he will take down Fox for what they did to him on Election night by calling states like Virginia so early, and suppressing the vote on the west, potentially costing him Arizona and Nevada. Almost guaranteed that he will start his own network and directly challenge Fox News. There will also be constant speculation of another run in 2024, and he may actually do it. Trump may actually be more dangerous to the left and the GOP establishment by losing this election and his supporters are not going away, whether he is the President or not.

It appears that Republicans will narrowly keep the senate and pick up House seats so this is clearly not a “blue wave” that most in the media was claiming it was going to be. Democrats will likely still keep the house, but it will be very narrow. Not a whole lot is going to get done over the next 4 years. Biden is also going to be forced to resign, likely within the first year, and Kamala Harris will become President, and she is extremely unpopular. I could see a bloodbath for Democrats in 2022 and Kamala Harris easily voted out in 2024. The Supreme Court will likely strike down any extreme radical proposals. The next 4 years (if Biden wins) will be bad, but it wouldn’t be as bad if Democrats easily won the Presidency, gained seats in the House and won the senate. There will be at least some checks on the Biden administration and they likely won’t get many of them extreme proposals through, such as packing the courts.

I want to make it clear here and say that if Biden legitimately wins this election, unlike many on the Left, I will accept the results. I won’t like the results but I will accept them. But this needs to be a fair process and with widespread evidence of voter fraud, it’s not.  

Things are going to get worse over the coming weeks and months. The riots won’t stop, regardless of who wins. The uncertainty is not going to be good for the economy. You must prepare for chaos. You must make sure your financial house is in order with what is coming. And you must pray for the country.

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  1. How is Joe Biden my President if he hasn’t even been sworn in yet? I did stay with my conscience. My conscience wouldn’t allow me to vote for a party who falsely accuses anyone who disagrees with them as being, racist, sexist, homophobic, bigots, Russian bots, deplorables, etc and who has spent 4 years claiming that he isn’t there president, peddled a lie about Russian collusion, refuses to condemn the violence, and that continues to push the lie that the President hasn’t denounced white supremacy (despite being on record at least 20 times doing so). Revenge for not standing by John McCain? That is the most comical thing that I have ever heard.

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