Now that the 2020 Election is over, What’s Next?

This election has turned out how I was expecting and fearing. Over a month ago I told you that the most likely outcome of the election is a contested race, where no one knows who won for several weeks or possibly even months, and that both sides would declare themselves the winner. I also told […]

The Plan to Ensure That Your Vote Doesn’t Count

We are told by everyone on the left that voting by mail is safe and easy, and that voter fraud is nonexistent. As I have showed you over the past two months, that is not true. There have been thousands of cases of voter fraud that have caused questions on who the winner of several […]

20% of Mail-in Ballots Will Be Thrown Out. What You Need to Know

Over the past few weeks I have been explaining how fraud is a common occurrence in any election and despite what the media likes to claim, it’s worse with mail-in votes. But fraud isn’t the only thing with this election that we need to pay attention too. Even if there is not enough fraud to […]