World Economic Forum Plans for Global Economic Collapse

For over a year now I have been warning about what is coming with the Great Reset and this year I am going to be going into more detail about what is coming. The Great Reset will effect virtually everything and will effect almost every aspect of your life from what you drive to where your food comes from. The Great Reset was started by the World Economic Forum and the goal is “by 2030 you’ll own nothing and you’ll like it.” They are openly saying that and yet anyone who reports that is being accused of being a “conspiracy theorist”?

In October 2019, right at the beginning of the COVID outbreak in China, which most of the world didn’t learn about for another two months, the World Economic Forum met to discuss what actions need to be taken in the event of a global pandemic. They needed a crisis to implement the Great Reset and they found that with COVID. I’m not saying that they created the virus and intentionally caused a pandemic to push the Great Reset, but the pandemic was the event that they needed to get the ball rolling. If it wasn’t a pandemic they would have found some other “crisis”.

They have now met once again and have run a new wargame. This time they discussed what the response from countries should be if there were to be a global financial collapse. This wargame was focused on a cyberattack that took down the global economy. If 2021 proved anything it is that a massive cyberattack is possible. In 2021 we saw countless cyberattacks on a fairly large scale, including a major pipeline in the United States, and I believe they were all test runs to see how far countries like China and other groups could go. But whether a cyberattack is the crisis that they can use to finish the goal of pushing the world towards a Great Reset, or some other “crisis” that we are told we must act right now on, some crisis is coming and the World Economic Forum is prepared to use whatever that crisis may be.

I can not say this enough but you need to prepare for what’s coming and that includes putting 10% of your assets in gold and silver, downsizing and reducing spending so that you can pay down your debts and stocking up on essential items like food and toilet paper. Once this crisis hits, it’s going to be too late to prepare.

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