World Economic Forum calls for transition away from ‘ownership’ of vehicles to reduce demand

The World Economic Forum is continuing their plan for you to own nothing by 2030 and now calling for a transition away from private ownership of vehicles and other “idle equipment” in order to make a “clean energy revolution” possible.

On July 18th, the WEF claimed in a report that “transition from fossil fuels to renewables will need large supplies of critical metals such as cobalt, lithium, nickel.” But the report did note that shortages of these “critical metals” could make renewable fuel technologies prohibitively expensive.

“One obvious route is to mine more virgin material, but this comes with its own costs and potentially unintended consequences,” the report said. “Another solution commonly discussed is to recycle more and use the metals already in circulation. The complication is that we do not currently have enough metals in circulation, and even with recycling taken into consideration, mineral production is still forecasted to increase by nearly 500%.”

The WEF did lay out three proposals for how they would accomplish their goal of you owning nothing.

Go from “owning to using”

You will “go from owning to using.” Under their plan you won’t own anything from cars to houses to clothes. You will rent everything from the elites.

According to the report “The average car or van in England is driven just 4% of the time. While most already have a personal phone, 39% of workers globally have employer-provided laptops and mobile phones,” the report states. “This is not at all resource efficient.” How do they suggest making the system more efficient? By people renting from “car sharing platforms”, which could reduce demand for critical metals used to manufacture them.

“To enable a broader transition from ownership to usership, the way we design things and systems need to change too,” the report continues. “For example, car sharing is made possible by new keyless unlocking features. Similarly, user profiles that create a distinction for work and personal use on the same device is needed to reduce the number of devices per person. A design process that focuses on fulfilling the underlying need instead of designing for product purchasing is fundamental to this transition.

“This is the mindset needed to redesign cities to reduce private vehicles and other usages,” the report states.

Have companies design products for “longevity.”

This may sound good on the surface but it means that manufacturers and the consumer will have very little say in the products they buy when this is implemented.

One example of it that they provided is that “keeping a smart phone for five years instead of three could reduce the phone’s annual carbon footprint by 31%”.

But what does that mean for costs? Between designing the product for “longevity” and designing the product in a way that is “environmentally friendly” enough to meet their new restrictions, will you even be able to afford that new cell phone when it comes time to replace your current one? What if you don’t want to spend $5,000 to buy a new phone every five years and would rather live the life the way you live now? Well, you aren’t going to get to make that decision because the elite in the WEF will be making it for you.

Build pride in second life

WEF wants to encourage “remanufacturing” to repurpose technologies that no longer can perform their original function to do something else. A retired electric vehicle battery, for example, could be refurbished to power streetlights, according to the report.

They admit that your life is going to change dramatically under the Great Reset and that a transition this rapid will be like having a revolution. But according to them, not making these changes would harm the environment because mining for “critical metals” harms biodiversity, overuses water, creates waste, and leads to labor and geopolitical issues.

Your new life under the Great Reset

Under the Great Reset (which I have spent nearly two years warning about) your life will change dramatically. You will be required to give up everything you own and rent from the elites. You will be required to make sacrifices that you don’t want to make. You will be required to give up your current lifestyle for a significantly less one. You will be required to give up your choices on how to live your life and will be told by the World Economic Forum what you are able to buy, how you are able to farm, what you can drive, how much electricity you can use, what you as a business owner can produce and even how much meat you are able to eat.

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