Why the “For the People Act” is Anything But

Congress likes to pass bills with names such as the “For the People” Act when in reality they are anything but for the people and this bill is no different. 

Despite the pretty language, this bill will fundamentally change the country and will ensure that we will never again have a fair election. This should be a bill that both sides should be able to come together against on, but those in power are only interested in keeping that power. 

Utah Senator Mike Lee described this bill as being something that was “written in hell by the devil himself” and I agree with him.

Here’s just a few of the outrageous proposals in this bill.

  • Allow congress instead of your state to regulate elections, despite the Constitution giving that authority to the States
  • Nullifies voting ID laws that have been passed by the states and prevents them from requiring any form of identification to vote. 
  • Institutes automatic voter registration for everyone, which people will end up needing to opt out of instead of opt in. 
  • Establishes 15 day early voting
  • Requires states to permanently allow mail in voting for all residents who are eligible to vote and states will provide pre-paid postage for those who choose to vote by mail.
  • Provides more tax payer money for campaigns. 
  • Allows 16 year old’s to vote.

Half of the country didn’t accept the results of the 2016 or 2020 elections. Instead of passing laws that secure our elections and convince voters that their vote is secure, House Democrats go and do the exact opposite. They pass bills like HR 1 which will only raise more concern among voters, as it should. 

How does eliminating voter ID laws and forcing states to not provide any identification to vote help to guarantee that our vote is secure? How does taking away power from the states and federalizing elections when so many already have a severe distrust for the federal government convince voters that the election was fair? How does forcing states to make mail in voting permanent, when they haven’t even done a proper review of the 2020 election, help to convince Americans that our elections are free and fair? How does any of this help to unite the country and convince those who believe that the 2020 election was stolen that the person that a majority of Americans voted for actually won?

This bill does nothing but cause more division and guarantees that we never again have a honest and fair election. If they truly wanted to unite the country, they would have never passed an outrageous bill like this. If they truly wanted to unite the county and convince us that this was a fair election, they would have a proper investigation of the 2020 election and prove to us that there wasn’t significant fraud in the election. If they truly wanted a free and fair election, they would pass laws to make it harder to commit voter fraud, not easier. 

This bill should be renamed the “For Those in Power” act because that is who it supports, not the people. The only thing that this bill does is ensures that those in power get to keep that power by any and all means necessary.

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