Why Did We Use a Voting System that is Very Easy to Tamper With?

Yes, you’ve read that right. 30 states, chose to use a voting system that is extremely easy to hack, and anyone with access can delete, alter, double a vote count for a certain candidate or make votes for certain candidates have more weight then votes for other candidates. If you can get in to this system which tech expert Jeff Brown has said is very easy to hack, you can alter the vote easily. This is a system that most of us have never heard of before but over 70 million Americans used this system to vote this November. 

We don’t know the full impact that Dominion had yet on this election, but as I explained last week, there’s enough in this companies past to raise questions on how fair our election really was. This system has been used in multiple countries before and have had problems. Texas tried this system out three times and had problems each time. Georgia tried it out last year and had issues with it but went along with purchasing it anyways. We now know that the reason they went along with purchasing a system that they knew was not going to be accurate was because it was cheaper then the other systems. 

There are important questions that need to be asked regarding this system. What did Dominion officials upload to the system in Georgia the night before the election? This is something that the Elections Supervisor at Spalding County Board of Elections has said has never happened before. Whatever was uploaded apparently caused a glitch where people couldn’t vote for several hours. They were apparently uploading an update, but after the system was checked no known update was found. Dominion has denied that they updated the systems the night before the election so that leads to the questions who “updated” the system and what was the update? How is it that we have no idea what was added to these voting machines the night before the election?

The other Georgia county that received an update the night before was Morgan county. Interesting, Trump ended up easily winning both counties but how many were effected in the several hours that voting was shut down? Did it suppress turnout at all in Trump country? Why were these counties the only two counties to experience problems? Were any Trump votes deleted or altered in these two counties causing Biden to win the state? Again, we know for a fact that hacking this system is very easy and that votes can easily be deleted or altered by anyone who can get access to the system. 

The questions that need to be asked of Dominion and our elected officials go on and on. Why did Dominion create a system that had so many potential security breaches if the system wasn’t designed to influence an election? What purpose could there be, other then to influence an election, to create a system where some votes could be weighted more then other? For example, a vote for Trump could only count as .75 while a Biden vote could be counted as 1.00 or 1.25. What other purpose for this is there unless the system was designed to influence an election?

Why is the system designed to be able to easily alter votes to the other candidate? Why is it so easy to be able to delete votes in this system? Why is it so easy to switched the memory cards? Why did they sell a voting system that they admit has a high risk of being tampered with in their own user manual? Why did so many states decide to purchase a system with so many risks? Besides Georgia, did any of the 30 states that purchased this system actually do any test runs to make sure that the system was going to be accurate? If they did, why did they go ahead and purchase the system anyways? Are the allegations true that kickbacks were involved?

We could also ask where are the Democrats on this? Are there any honorable Democrats left? Senators Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar both warned about Dominion last year but now are silent. Did they really care about a fair election or were they just questioning the system in case Biden lost? Why is it that not a single major Democrat is willing to come out and call for an investigation? Shouldn’t a fair and honest election be something that all sides should be able to come to an agreement on, regardless of who ends up winning? Or is their hatred for Trump so great that they have no problem with the election potentially being manipulated?

And why are so many on the Left so against calls for an investigation if they are so sure that there was no possible way that any kind of fraud could have swung an election? If they are so sure that this was a fair election, why not join the calls for an investigation just to prove Trump supporters wrong and that fraud didn’t swing the election? Or is it that they know that wide-scale fraud did take place, but to borrow a phrase from President Obama’s Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, “The ends justify the means”?

We need a major investigation into this election and I am happy to see that Congressman Jim Jordan is now calling for hearings to start immediately. This system should never again be used and we need to put safe guards in place so that there is no possible way to influence an election. 

As I have been saying all along, I will accept whoever the winner of the election is, as long as it’s a fair election. This election was far from fair, when you have hundreds, if not thousands of people who are willing to go under oath claiming that they were witnesses to fraud and a voting system that we know for a fact is able to be easily hacked to delete or alter votes. 

A fair election should be something that everyone should be able to get behind.


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