Who is Alexandra Chalupa?

In 2015, just a few months after Donald Trump launched his campaign for President, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) hired Alexandria Chalupa to do opposition research on Donald Trump. So who is she? If you read my article from 2 weeks ago, she was the one that said she just “had a feeling” that Trump was somehow connected to Russia. 

Chalupa’s work didn’t just start in 2015. While in college, she interned at the Clinton White House in 1998. Her career as a Democratic operative started in 2002. From 2003-2004. She worked as the Online Constituency Outreach Director for John Kerry’s Presidential Campaign. 

This is kind of weird because John Kerry’s son is involved with Joe Biden’s son in Burisma which is the energy company in Ukraine. It was John Kerry’s son that was there before Joe Biden’s son.

In 2004-2005, she was Executive Director for Democrats Abroad, a DNC organization that mobilizes Democrats living outside of the United States. From 2006-2011, she worked for the DNC. From 2013 to 2016, she was working for the DNC’s National Ethnic Council and as a side gig to that, she was also trafficking Ukrainian dirt on Donald Trump. 

According to FEC records, the DNC paid her $412,000 between 2004 and 2016. She was also paid separate unknown amounts by Democrats Abroad. 

The official story from the DNC is that she left in July 2016. Her claim is that she left in July 2016, but she continued doing her own research on Manafort and that she occasionally shared her findings with the DNC and the Clinton Campaign. The Clinton campaign claims that they never received any information from Chalupa. 

According to Chalupa, “I was a part time consultant for the DNC running an ethnic engagement program. I was not an opposition researcher for the DNC and the DNC never asked me to go to the Ukrainian embassy to collect information.”  Official records show that she was paid $71,918 just in 2016 for what she claims was just a part time job. Even if she wasn’t technically a “opposition researcher” she was doing her own investigation into Donald Trump and sharing information with both the Clinton campaign and the DNC, while on the DNC’s payroll. 

According to Politico, Alexandra Chalupa has “a network of people in Kiev and Washington — including Ukrainian government officials — who would pass her information that she would then float as potential research to DNC staffers.” Keep in mind that it’s not “right-wing” organizations such as Fox news who are making those claims. That claim came from Politico, which is a site that does lean to the left. Chalupa called Politico’s story was “nonsense”. According to another source, Chalupa “informally” told committee staffers last year that “Ukrainian officials had become concerned about Trump’s campaign and his ties to Russia and suggested having the DNC work with the Ukrainian embassy to bring some damning information to light.” That claim was reported by CNN, another news network that isn’t known to be “far-right.”

Alexandria Chalupa could try to act like she’s innocent in all of this but it isn’t going to work. Not only is she involved in the Democrats corruption in Ukraine and spreading false information about Donald Trump, but so are her two sisters. All three have a long pattern of corruption and trying to cause chaos in Ukraine.

 Chalupa’s one sister, Andrea, funded something called “DigitalMaidan”. Digital Maidan was created to support the removal of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych. Maidan refers to the name of Independence Square in Kiev. Digital Maidan organized tweet storms to flood twitter with anti-Yanukovych messages. Maidan also did tweet storms aimed at Donald Trump such as #TreasonousTrump, just a few weeks before the 2016 election. 

Her other sister, Irene, is also very active in Ukrainian affairs. She has been a journalist in Kiev, and was a long time editor at the “Atlantic Council”. Irene was the contributor to a bi-weekly report called “Ukraine Alerts”. A senior fellow at the same think tank, Dmitri Aperovitch, was coincidentally also the CEO of Crowdstrike. If that sounds familiar, Crowdstrike was the security firm that the DNC hired to investigate the 2016 hacks, on the DNC. Crowdstrike was also brought up by Donald Trump with his call with the Ukrainian President.

The Atlantic Council receives funding from a Russian Oligarch, named Victor Pinchuck. Pinchuck was a former member of the Ukrainian parliament and sits on the International Advisory Board of the Atlantic Council. Pinchuck is also one of the biggest donors to the Clinton Foundation. Hmmm. In 2013, the Atlantic Council awarded Hillary Clinton with a “Distinguished National Leadership” award. 

Irena now works for an organization called “StopFake.org”. This is a site that was going to “verify and refute disinformation and propaganda about events in Ukraine.” Now they expanded to “fact check, de-bunk, edit, translate, research and disseminate information in 11 languages.”

“StopFake.org” receives money from the International Renaissance Foundation which was an organization being investigated by the Prosecutor General. This was the guy that Joe Biden pressured the Ukrainian President to fire. Oh, and no Democratic corruption scandal is complete without George Soros. Soros funds the International Renassiance Foundation, along with what seems like absolutely everything else that the left is involved. 

So Alexandra Chalupa and her two sisters were all involved in Ukraine and all three were on a mission to stop Donald Trump.

Chalupa, who claims she did nothing wrong, hired Michael Avenatti to represent her. Avenatti tweeted that he was “now representing Alexandra Chalupa in connection with investigating pursing possible legal claims against Manafort, Trump and other affiliated individuals. She was targeted with baseless, bogus, allegations, all designed to distract away from Trump’s Russian collusion.” When Chalupa was challenged for hiring Michael Avenatti to represent her, she responded with “He’s a friend and someone I trust. He’s also a fighter and on the right side of history. He’s already made a big impact, and now we’re about to take it up a notch.” Michael Avenatti is the guy who was arrested for stealing $300,000 from Stormy Daniels after using every opportunity to make sure he was seen in front of the camera attacking Donald Trump.

A few weeks after Donald Trump’s shocking win, Chalupa wrote an article for the online blog publishing platform, Medium, in which she described what she believed to be was Russia’s motivation for hacking the DNC during the 2016 election. “Russia’s economy has also suffered due to its reliance on oil and the drop in oil prices. Trump’s appointment  of an exxon-mobil executive as Secretary of State…shows an alignment of Russian and Trump administration interests that is Kleptocratic.” 

Within a few days of posting this article, she met with 2 men. One of the men were now working with Democrats Abroad, which was the same organization that Chalupa worked for just a few years ago. He was put in touch with Chalupa because he had information that could help her in her investigation into Donald Trump and his connections with Russia.

The other man was a guy who spent 17 years in federal prison for drug conspiracy, impersonating a federal officer and setting off a series of homemade bombs in Indiana in 1978.

These two men met with Chalupa to discuss Russian hacking in the 2016 election. Chalpua paid $9,000 for documents that supposedly linked Exxon mobil, Rex Tillerson and Donald Trump to Russia’s hacking on the DNC. Buzzfeed investigated the documents and ran a story titled “How Donald Trump’s Enemies Fell For A Billion-Dollar Hoax”, in which they debunked the documents and proved they were forged. One of the myths that were debunked was that Rex Tillerson paid the Trump organization $1.4 billion in June 2016, so that he could secure the Secretary of State position. I mean was that something that really needed to be investigated? A claim that Tillerson paid $1.4 billion to Trump so that Trump would hire him for a position making $200,000 per year?

We can thank Alexandra Chalupa for starting this whole collusion delusion nonsense. After over 2 years and hundreds of millions of dollars spent of your money, and they still can’t prove that Donald Trump colluded with Russia. Maybe it’s time now to investigate Chalupa and those who were responsible for pushing the collusion delusion. There is far more evidence of the corruption in the DNC, then there is today after spending hundreds of millions of dollars looking into Russia. It’s time that we hold the DNC accountable and actually investigate them. Everything they accused Donald Trump of doing with Russia, they were doing with Ukraine and it’s time we investigate them.


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