What You Need to Do to Prepare For The New Normal

From energy to food your life is going to look dramatically different in the very near future if we continue down the road we are on. You are going to start seeing massive food and energy shortages. You are going to see family farms and businesses close at an exponential rate. We are headed for a collapse of biblical proportions soon. By 2030, we could end up looking like Venezuela. You need to prepare for what is coming. You need to prepare for the “new normal”. Last week, I went into detail on what is coming and it will effect every aspect of your life. Today, I want to give you steps that you can take to prepare.

One way you can prepare is to convert a portion of your dollars into silver and gold. The dollar is being rapidly devalued and within the next three years we could see a complete collapse of the dollar and a new US digital dollar. If we follow the historical pattern for this, the dollar is going to lose at least 40% of it’s value, and probably more. Depending on what group you are in, such as race, sexuality, gender, etc. you could see an even bigger hit. When things get crazy, the world always returns to silver and gold. Many experts recommend around 10% of your assets but the amount that is best for you is going to vary depending on your situation. But have something that is going to have value when things collapse. I would recommend having physical gold and silver and not just investments in gold and silver companies. You can and probably should put some of your IRA money into gold and silver but have physical gold and silver on hand in case of a complete collapse of the system.

You are going to start seeing brown and blackouts nationwide. You need to have backups. You need a generator, one that is capable of running your house. Make sure you keep a few gallons of oil or natural gas on hand for it. I would recommend if you can to also have solar panels. They are very inefficient and expensive but you will at least have something that you can use for energy. If you have a fireplace, make sure that is ready and that you keep plenty of fire logs on hand.

The price of gasoline has gone up over 72% since January. That is going to continue to rise. The Biden administration doesn’t care that you are suffering and they won’t care if it’s $10 per gallon. Really it’s by design to force you to go more green. Again, you are going to see massive shortages. Try to keep your gas tank full at all times. Try to keep a few gallons on hand to power the generator.

Stock up on food and other essential items. If you can, try to have a one year supply. You are going to start seeing massive amounts of shortages. Between the labor shortages and the gas shortages that are coming it’s going to get really really bad. If you can even find the product you are looking for, you are going to pay significantly more over the coming months so do whatever you can now to stock up.

One way you can do that is to checkout My Patriot Supply. I have been doing business with this company for about seven years now, long before they became a sponsor. If you buy from them through this link you are taking a step in preparing for what is coming for the future of you and your family and it also helps to pay for Mikulawire.com. Do whatever you can to prepare now for what is coming.

If you have the room, grow a garden. Start growing enough so that your family can have enough food year round. Learn to preserve the food so that you have food during the winter when you can’t grow anything.

Get to know your neighbors and form a community. Things are going to get really bad and you neighbor may have an item or skill that you don’t. It’s going to be really important when things begin to break down.

Cut spending. You need to do whatever you can to pay down your debt before this hits. The Federal Reserve has now announced that early next year they are going to start raising interest rates, a lot sooner than expected. Refinance your loans now and try to get the lowest interest rate possible. Pay down debt as much as you can. Downgrade if that’s what is required for you to prepare for what’s coming.

You should be moving your money out of the major banks and into local banks. It’s safer and there will be more privacy than the big banks.

If you have a job now, prepare for a time when you won’t have one. That means stocking up, paying down debt and learning self reliance. Don’t live with the mindset that you can just go on unemployment. Get as far away from the system as you can. There’s also going to come a time when the government won’t be able to pay for all of the things they promised you so learn how to rely on yourself.

Prepare for a system similar to Universal Basic income and massive labor shortages. We already have something similar to UBI through parents now receiving federal checks just because they have children and people being trained to live on unemployment when millions of jobs are available. It’s going to get worse. Are you a business owner and dealing with not being able to hire people? That’s the new normal and you are going to see it become harder soon to hire people. Do what you need to do prepare and that includes developing a community with other local business owners so that you can help each other out when things get really bad.

Really dark days are coming to America and you need to be prepared spiritually, mentally, physically and financially for what is coming. This is the new normal and the old America that we are use to isn’t coming back anytime soon, if ever.

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