West Virginia Treasurer Dumps Blackrock over ESG and the Great Reset

Last week, the West Virginia State Treasurer Riley Moore announced that they have dropped Blackrock money market funds from their portfolio, citing concerns over their stance on ESG scores and their holdings in Chinese companies.

Moore stated that “The decision was based on recent reports that BlackRock has urged companies to embrace ‘net zero’ investment strategies that would harm the coal, oil, and natural gas industries, while increasing investments in Chinese companies that subvert national interests and damage West Virginia’s manufacturing base and job market.”

“BlackRock CEO Larry Fink has been outspoken in pressuring corporate leaders to commit to investment goals that will undermine reliable energy sources like coal, natural gas and oil under the guise of helping the planet, but at the same time he’s pouring billions in new capital into China, turning a blind eye to abhorrent human rights violations, genocide and that country’s role in creating the COVID-19 global pandemic,” Treasurer Moore said. “Even liberal financier George Soros has said BlackRock’s China investments are ‘a tragic mistake’ that could potentially damage our national security.”

Last week, Moore went on the Glenn Beck radio program and announced that West Virginia is part of a coalition of 15 states that will be divesting from Blackrock and that this is only step one of many that he is planning to take to fight back against Blackrock and the Great Reset.

Blackrock directly controls over $10 trillion in assets. They are the largest investment firm in the world. West Virginia withdrawing their $8 billion may not seem like a whole lot, but this gets the ball rolling. It is really encouraging to see states starting to fight back.

Several things that you can do to fight back against the Great Reset:

  1. Shop local whenever you can.
  2. Bank locally and get out of banks like Citi and Wells Fargo.
  3. Contact your state legislators and urge them to pass bills that ban the implementation of ESG and divest from Blackrock.

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