Vivek Ramaswamy Pledges to Shut Down FBI Without Congressional Approval

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Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy made news Friday when he pledged to shut down federal agencies, such as the FBI, and that as president he would have the authority to do that without going through Congress.

Ramaswamy isn’t the first Presidential candidate to call for dismantling the FBI but is perhaps the first to lay out how it could be done, even if Congress doesn’t sign on to it.

Ramaswamy previously expressed support for shutting down the FBI after Special Counsel John Durham’s report was released back in May. On Friday, Ramaswamy sat down with Founder of The Blaze and Host of the Glenn Beck Radio Program and told Glenn how it could be done without congressional approval.

“I’m coming in with a clear-sighted view, Glenn, of shutting down most of the administrative state,” Ramaswamy told Glenn Beck shortly after his interview with Tucker Carlson. “First of all, do it on strong legal authority, so I’m a unique combination. I don’t like to brag a lot, but I’m a CEO, but I’ve also studied the Constitution deeply and the Supreme Court right now shares my view of the Constitution.”

“The U.S. president already has statutory authority, the Presidential Reorganization Act of 1977, says you can shut down redundant agencies,” Ramaswamy explained to Glenn. “Well, when I look at what the DEA does and what the U.S. Marshals do, there’s my legal justification for shutting down the FBI without asking Congress for permission or forgiveness.”

The Presidential Reorganization Act of 1977 “Permits the President to prepare and submit to Congress a plan to reorganize any Executive agency for the purpose of improving the functioning of the Executive branch. Requires such plan to itemize, so far as is practicable, estimates of any reduction or increase in expenditures called for by such plan and to describe any improvements in management, delivery of Federal services, execution of the laws, and increases in Government efficiency which are expected as a result of such reorganization. States that such plan may not provide for the abolition of existing agencies or the creation of new ones. States that no such plan shall take effect which is not submitted to Congress within three years after the enactment of this Act”.

Ramaswamy also told Glenn that the Civil Service Law has been misread and that it does not apply to mass layoffs. Ramaswamy pledged that “mass layoffs are absolutely what I’m bringing to Washington D.C.”


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  1. wonderful plan, but I think the Jesuits may have alot to say about that. CIA and FBI are their agencies and they don’t take lightly someone removing their eyes and ears from government nor their intel committee for action.
    I’d be careful because if you come anywhere near success, you’re not long for earth. Ask JFK and his brother Robert.
    Unceremoniously dispatched to a kingdom that doesn’t allow participation on earthly matters. I think they’re quite aware of that and its why they do it. Generally it’s poisoning, but they’ve a variety of effective methods for those who’ve ruffled their feathers.

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