Virginia Governor Dodges Question on 2024 Presidential Run

Win Mcnamme/Getty Images

Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin appears to be leaving the door open for a potential 2024 Presidential run.

Fox Business host, Maria Bartiromo, asked Youngkin about a potential 2024 Presidential run, and Youngkin is apparently not ruling it out.

When asked about filing decision deadlines for Nevada and South Carolina coming up in October, Youngkin said that he wasn’t focused on filing deadlines and was focused on Virginia.

“Maria, I’ve said over and over again how humbling it is to even talk about my name in this context but I am so focused on Virginia elections this year to make sure that we deliver. We got a giant agenda, and therefore, I’m campaigning across Virginia for our house and senate delegates and senators” noting that he’s not in the early primary states of Iowa, New Hampshire or South Carolina and that “we’re focusing on Virginia”.

When pressed further about missing the filing deadlines in October and November, and asked if he could get his agenda completed before the deadlines to enter the race, Youngkin again confirmed that his full attention is on holding the house in Virginia and flipping the Virginia senate, adding that he’s not paying attention to the filing deadlines.

There has been increasing calls for someone else to get into the 2024 race, including from Rupert Murdoch, Chairman of Fox Corporation.

The New York Times reported recently that Murdoch was interested in a Youngkin presidential bid, with the Fox News Corp. chairman also reportedly expressing his view that former President Donald Trump is unhealthy for the Republican Party.


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