Tulsi Gabbard Open to Running on Republican Ticket in 2024

Photo by Charles Krupa/AP

ulsi Gabbard, former Democrat Congresswoman and former Democrat candidate for President, is open to running on the Republican ticket or even on the “No Labels” party ticket in 2024 if asked.

Tulsi Gabbard spoke to Fox News host Sean Hannity on Tuesday and was asked if she would consider running on the Republican ticket in 2024, and if she was open to serving on the “No Labels” third party ticket, which was created in an attempt to bring moderate Democrats and moderate Republicans together.

“I would consider any opportunity to be able to serve my country and make the most positive impact, especially at this time where our country’s future and our democracy are at risk” Gabbard told Sean Hannity.

When pressed further she said “I’m not walking down any specific path at this moment” but confirmed that she is indeed open to any opportunity to serve her country.

Gabbard said “I think about it everyday” when asked if she was definitely thinking about it. She also said that she is conerned about the future of the country, adding that she is “dedicated” to doing everything she can to save her country.

“No Labels” plans to run a “unity” ticket in 2024 with a moderate Democrat and a moderate Republican serving on the same ticket if they don’t find the nominees for the two major parties acceptable.

Tulsi Gabbard is a former Democrat congresswoman and former Democrat candidate for President, who announced that she was leaving the Democrat party last October.


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