Tucker Grills Senator Tim Scott on His Position on Ukraine at Iowa Leadership Summit

Senate Television via AP

The Iowa FAMiLY Leadership Summit kicked off this morning in Des Moine, Iowa.

The event kicked off with former Fox News host Tucker Carlson interviewing South Carolina Senator and Republican Presidential Candidate Tim Scott.

The questions were mainly focused on Ukraine, what Tim Scott would do if elected to end the war in Ukraine and if it was appropriate for President Biden to send cluster bombs to Ukraine and Biden initiating Operation Atlantic Resolve, in which Biden will be sending 3,000 reservists to Ukraine.

Scott rejected the idea of us sending troops to Ukraine but also said that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine needs to end.

Tucker asked Scott why Russia is the main focus and why we aren’t doing more to secure our own border and are continuing to allow fentanyl to flood across our border.

“All measures are relative. Russia’s bad. Putin’s evil. Got it. I don’t know anyone who’s been killed by Russia. I know people personally who have been killed by Mexico. The government of Mexico allows fentanyl to come over our border. The Mexican government is party to the murder of hundreds of thousands of Americans. Why is Mexico less of a threat than Russia?”

Scott brought up the 70,000 Americans who are losing their lives yearly due to fentanyl and said that the problem could absolutely be solved. Scott also mentioned legislation that he has sponsored, which would freeze the assets of the Mexican cartels.

Tucker also asked Scott why we aren’t building a human wall with the reservists that we are now going to be sending to Ukraine. “Why wouldn’t they be defending our border?”

Scott suggested we should defund the 87,000 new IRS agents and use that money to secure the border instead.

Scott also said we should be using that money to increase the pay for our border patrol ends.

After Scott left the stage, he joined Glenn Beck, host of the Glenn Beck radio, and Glenn’s co-host Stu Burguiere.

Glenn told Scott “I’m a dad. I saw the news what Biden did yesterday. My first thought was ‘My son is of draft age. My son is not going to fight in a war that I don’t even know what we’re fighting for.'”

Scott once again confirmed his belief that our military should absolutely not be involved and said that if elected, he will not be putting boots on the ground in Ukraine.


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