The Timeline of the Covid Coverup

Last week I explained how there is credible evidence that points to Covid escaping from this lab in Wuhan. Despite the claims that “the science” has debunked this “conspiracy theory’ and “the science” proves that Covid didn’t escape from this lab, we now know that it was very likely that Covid is a virus that was manipulated in this lab and somehow escaped. We know that 3 workers at the Wuhan lab were hospitalized with Covid like symptoms in November 2019. We know that this lab wasn’t following the proper safety protocols of a level 4 bio lab. We know that despite more than 50,000 animals being tested, not a single one of those animals had the virus and when scientists tried to infect the animals, none of them caught the virus. We know that the type of bat that the virus supposedly jumped from isn’t anywhere near this wet market in Wuhan. We also know that the US government was funding gain of function research at this lab. Today I want to go into the timeline of the coverup.

Back in December 2011, Dr Fauci published an article in the Washington Post where he tried to make the case for gain of function research. As I explained last week, gain of function research is “the test of altering a virus to make it more transmissible to human”. As I explained last week, this research isn’t necessarily a bad thing if done under the proper conditions. Scientists do this type of research to get ahead of viruses so that they can develop a vaccine before the virus gets out of control and kills millions of people. In the same article where Dr Fauci advocated for gain of function research, he claimed that “the question is whether benefits of such research out weigh the risks. The answer is not simple.” Fauci goes on to make the case that the benefits do outweigh the risk.

In June 2014, Dr. Fauci’s HHS awarded a $3.7 million grant to Eco Health Alliance, which is run by Peter Daszak. Peter Daszak and his organization Eco Health Alliance diverted some of the HHS grant money to the Wuhan lab. The lead coronavirus researcher in the Wuhan lab is Dr. Shi, also known as “the bat lady”.

While all of this was going on, President Obama stepped in in October 2014 and ordered that the money going to this lab and all research be stopped due to multiple safety violations. But it didn’t stop.

One year after the moratorium on funding and research a research paper titled Nature medicine was published. Multiple doctors from around the world, including “the bat lady”, are listed as authors of this report. The description of the report states that “A SARS-like cluster of circulating bat coronavirus shows potential for human emergence.” At this time, this coronavirus was presented in bats but no humans at the time were reported to have had this coronavirus. The virus was then manipulated so that humans could catch the virus. This type of research where a virus is manipulated so that it can jump species is known as gain of function research. In the acknowledgements of this report, they give credit to the Eco Health Alliance, the NIH, NIAI, and USAID.

Despite, the moratorium they continued the research and justified it by claiming that the research was “initiated and performed before the GOF (gain of function) research funding pause and have since been reviewed and approved for continued study by the NIH.” This type of research was canceled for everyone else, except for this one time.

So after all of this, Dr Fauci has the nerve to sit before a hearing on Capitol Hill and arrogantly insist that Senator Paul doesn’t know what he is talking about and that the US government has “never funded gain of function research at the Wuhan lab”.

In February 2016, Peter Daszak, President of Eco Health Alliance, describes in his own words what took place at the lab, gain of function research. When you insert spiked proteins into coronavirus to see if a human cell can get infected with it, that is called gain of function research.

In November 2019, three Wuhan lab researchers were hospitalized with Covid like symptoms. The very next month on December 9th, Duke-NUS Medical School and the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) co-hosted an international virus conference where they discussed how to fight a deadly virus outbreak. Then just three weeks after that, China announced the outbreak of what we now know to be Covid.

Among the attendees of this International virus conference were Peter Daszak (Eco Health Alliance), Danielle Anderson (worked in the Wuhan lab) and Dr. Shi (the bat lady). The conference was sponsored by the World Health Organization and the NIH.

It is true that the virus likely came from an animal, but it wasn’t a bat. There’s a very good reason why despite 50,000 animals being tested and not a single one was infected with Covid. It’s because the animal wasn’t running around in the wild, but it was being studied in the Wuhan lab.

According to another report titled “The Pathogenicity of SARS-CoV-2 in hACE2 Transgenic mice”, “Transgenic mice were generated by micro injection of the mouse ACE2 promoter driving the human ACE2 coding sequence into the pronuclei of fertilized ova from ICR mice, and then human ACE2 integrated was identified by PCR as previous described; the human ACE2 mainly expressed in the lungs, heart, kidneys, and intestines of transgenic mice.” This study took place during the summer of 2019, just months before the outbreak.

Why are we funding this type of research in China, who doesn’t have anywhere near the regulations that are needed to prevent these types of viruses from escaping? Why is it that despite the lack of regulations and how this bio level 4 only followed the safety protocols of a bio level 2 lab, which basically just requires researchers to wear glasses and no other protective gear, and yet it’s so unreasonable to even question if the virus escaped from this lab? Why is it that Dr. Fauci can get away with testifying before the Senate and claim that the US didn’t fund gain of function research and yet describe in his own emails that gain of function research was taking place but if you even dare to question his motives, you are a “science denier”? Why is it that so many in the media and government tried so hard to discredit and silence anyone who mentioned this lab leak theory?

It is critical that we get answers to these questions because lives are at stake, both from Covid and any future viruses that may emerge.

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