The Solution to Russia and the Current Energy Crisis

President Biden has now signed an order boycotting Russian oil over their invasion of Ukraine. Normally this would be a very smart thing, that is if we weren’t stabbing ourselves in the process.

If you want to control Russia, you need to cut off their oil. The world boycotting Russian oil is what it would take to put this invasion to an end. They are one of the world’s largest suppliers of oil. The problem is that that takes even more oil off the market and will continue to drive prices even higher.

If we had competent leadership in the United States, President Biden would be getting the federal government out of the way and allowing oil companies to increase drilling, refining, building new pipelines, etc. We would restart construction of the Keystone pipeline. His administration wouldn’t be standing in the way of new drilling permits. He wouldn’t be waging war against and trying to drive refineries out of business like he is currently doing to a refinery in Texas. He would be going to congress and requesting an infrastructure package that is actually focused on increasing drilling and refining. Since 1977 we have built just 1 new refinery in the United States which came on line during the Trump Presidency. We also wouldn’t be opening up the strategic petroleum reserves, which is meant for emergencies and would do nothing to help ease the burden at the pump even if the reserve was completely depleted. Not only would it do nothing but would make us even weaker if WWIII were to break out.

If we had competent leadership we would be driving the price of oil down to bankrupt countries like Russia and Iran, not shutting down our own production and then begging our enemies to increase theirs. We would become energy independent again like we were under Trump.

Last January, I began to lay out what was coming involving energy in an article titled The Great Reset of Energy. This is not incompetence. It is by design and part of the Great Reset. They need oil and coal prices to get so expensive where you are forced into going “green” whether you like it or not and regardless of whether it is actually ready to replace fossil fuels or not, and it’s not.

In November I published an article on Biden’s new radical proposals and how they will cause prices to skyrocket. They need to make it so expensive to the point of “by 2030, you’ll own nothing and you’ll like it”. They are going to keep trying to make you believe that this is because of Russia invading Ukraine or the greedy oil companies but it’s not. It is the fault of those who are trying to push us towards a great reset.

This is going to get a lot worse. As of Wednesday March 9th, oil is currently sitting at around $110 per barrel. Several experts are now saying it could reach the $175-$200 range, and that could happen by the end of March. That translates to about $7 per gallon nationally, with states like California possibly seeing over $8. There is a simple way to fix that but we have leaders who don’t want it to be fixed.

Prepare for things to get much worse and potentially a collapse the size of the Great Depression. Oil peaked at $145 right before the Great Recession of 2008. Can you imagine what $200 per barrel oil could do when inflation is already far worse than anything we saw in 2008? A collapse is coming and you need to start thinking like the people that lived through the Great Depression because we could be in it in a matter of months. You need to stock up on food and other essential supplies. Start a garden if you are able to. Cut expenses as much as possible. Prepare for challenging times.

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