The proof that your children are being groomed

Despite the claims from many on the far Left, your children are being groomed in public school and it’s happening all over the country, regardless if you are in New York or Texas. It is happening. Your children are being groomed into thinking they are girls when they are really boys and vice versa. You children are being groomed into thinking that if they are white they are an oppressor and if they are black they are a victim. I’m going to lay out just some of what is being taught as possible, provide you with the documents as well as several other sources that you can go to find this info, and then you need to decide, are you for this or are you against this. If you remain silent, you are for children as young as kindergarten being groomed.

The Left, including Disney, is furious at Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for signing the so called “Don’t Say Gay” bill. What they don’t tell you is that no where in the bill does it mention “gay”. The bill does not prevent your child from asking questions, but it prevents teachers from teaching sexuality in K-3. Of course we are being told by the Left that “this isn’t happening” and yet, strangely, they are furious that it’s being banned. Why are they so upset that something that they claim isn’t happening is banned?

I recently wrote an article titled “Why I’m Gay and Still Support the So Called Don’t Say Gay Bill”, which you can find here. In that article I discuss what is in this bill and that opposition to the bill is nothing more than Left wing propaganda. It does ban the use of the word “Gay”, nor does it harm LGBTs in anyway. I am 100% supportive of that bill.

So let’s look at just a few of the examples of what is being taught. This is only a drop in the bucket compared to what is actually being taught.

In Pasco County, Florida, schools are keeping records as part of their Gender Support plan for children as young as kindergarten. It asks the child for their preferred pronouns. It asks if the student’s parents are aware of their gender status. What name and gender is listed in the official school records and what pronouns should be used when referring to that student. Which bathrooms the student will be using on campus. Which gender the child will spend the night with on overnight school trips. Did I mention that this is not for high schoolers but for children as young as kindergarten? Children as young as 5 are being asked for their preferred pronouns and keeping all of this a secret from their parents.

On the About SEI page on Austin’s ISD website, they claim that “we believe that Social Emotional Learning is at the heart of equity-centered systems and structures. In an effort to grow this belief into a reality, the SEL and Cultural Proficiency and Inclusiveness department has adopted a new statement of purpose for our work together.” This is being taught in K-12 in Texas. This is grooming.

A gay preschool teacher in Ilinois openly bragged at a conference that he talks to his preschool kids about sex. Regardless of your sexuality, how can you possibly defend this? How can you defend talking to 5 year old’s about any kind of sex?

One teacher went on ticktok and bragged about how she taught her 5th grader students about transgender issues. There is even an entire organization that teaches this to students as young as kindergarten.

One teacher in Texas claimed that 20 out of her 32 fourth-grade students ‘Came Out’ to her as LGBTQIA+. 20 of her 32 9 year old students are LGBTQIA+? How is that possible unless these children are being groomed? A group of 32 random adults coming together wouldn’t have 62% of them being LGBTs, unless they are coming together specifically for an LGBT event, but we are suppose to expect that 62% of 9 year old’s are LGBT and that they aren’t being groomed?

These are not just a few schools teaching this. It is coming from the top. It is coming from the White House and the Department of Education. White House Press Secretary recently announced that Republican lawmakers are being “Put On Notice” by the Department of Justice, if they blocked puberty blockers and trans surgeries for kids.

I don’t know how many Democrats are on board with grooming children but much of the leadership is. Biden’s pick for Supreme Court Justice has a long history of giving child porn accusers the least sentence possible. Even Dick Durbin, who is nowhere near as extreme as many in the party today, excused her record on child porn sentences and claimed that it’s much easier to access now then it use to be “if that is your decision”. “If that is your decision”? That’s his response to someone watching child porn?

We need a President that is going to eliminate the Federal Department of Education but that’s only a part of this fight. You need to get involved in your child’s education and learn exactly what it is they are being taught. You need to show up to school board meetings. You may need to run for the school board. You may even need to pull your kids out of school completely. There is no excuse for remaining silent on this.

We are told that this is all a “made up conspiracy theory by the right” but I have provided several stories on how you children are being groomed. Visit those links and read the documents/articles for yourself. They can claim that CRT or CSE isn’t being taught because those aren’t stand alone programs. All of it falls under SEL and it is being taught, everywhere.

Below you’ll also find several other sources that I encourage you to visit. At this point the only way someone can claim this isn’t happening is if they are intentionally being willfully ignorant or they support the indoctrination and grooming of children as young as 5. There is no other excuse. And there is no excuse for you not getting involved and fighting for your children.

Glenn Beck recently did a special and I would encourage you to check it out, regardless of what you may think of Glenn. He shows images from textbooks that are being used, images that I don’t feel comfortable even searching for because they are so graphic. They describe actual sex acts in detail to young children and that is exactly what people like Ron DeSantis are fighting to stop. Please check out that special below. If it happens to be taken off of YouTube, and that is a real possibility, it will continue to be available on

If you want to know more and want to get involved, I would suggest following @realchrisrufo on Twitter. He has done tremendous work on exposing things like SEL and CRT. I have reached out to Chris’s team recently and they provided two resources for where you can go to see the evidence of what is being taught. Subscribe to This site tracks a lot of the incidences and has parent groups that you can get involved with in almost every state. Also check out and subscribe to, which is another great resource.

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