The Left’s New Religion

I use to think that the radical left was against religion but they aren’t. Sure, they may be against most Biblical principles, but it’s not religion that they hate, it’s Christianity that they hate. They fully support religion as long as it’s a religion that they get to run and control the narrative. 

In 2015, Columbia English Professor John McWhorter wrote a piece titled “Antiracism, Our Flawed New Religion”. In it he describes how the left has turned anti-racism, into it’s own religion and a sort of cult, with certain practices that you must follow regularly to prove that you are not a racist, certain questions that you dare not ask and even original sin that you must regularly repent for. 

In McWhorter’s piece, he describes the left’s view of this new religion as “It is what we worship, as sincerely and fervently as many worship God and Jesus and, among most blue state Americans, more so.” This new religion even comes with original sin, where you are required to “acknowledge” that you “possess white privilege” because this means that you are an “enlightened white person.”  He also describes that as early as elementary school you are taught that if you are white you need to acknowledge that you possess this white privilege.” 

He goes on to mention that one of the key questions that you are not suppose to ask in this cult. You are likely a racist for asking “Why are black people so upset about one white cop killing a black man when black men are at more danger of being killed by on another.” Now in no way is he dismissing police brutality of black men and says that it’s  “thrilling to see the fierce, relentless patrolling, assisted by social media, that the young black activists covered in a recent New York Times Magazine piece have been doing to call attention to cops’ abuse of black people. That problem is real and must be fixed, as I have written about frequently”. What he is calling out is these same people who are upset when a white cop kills a black man, but yet are silent when it comes to the black on black crime in places like Chicago. Where’s Under Armour promoting those black lives? Why aren’t these white Hollywood celebrities trying to draw attention to that issue? Why don’t we see any protests over that? Where is the coverage from the mainstream media?

Now to prove that you are not a racist, because apparently there being no evidence of you actually being a racist is enough proof, you need to perform certain rituals. Every time a black man is killed by a white cop, you need to make it clear that you are against police brutality of black men. But remember, you can not also mention that 93% of blacks are killed by other blacks, because that makes you a racist in this new religion. 

You also need to participate in things like the recent #BlackoutTuesday campaign on Instagram, where users posted a black square to let people know that you are not a racist. If someone just assumes that you are a racist despite never uttering a racist word in your life, that says more about that person then you, but then again, according to the mob, I am a racist for not participating in their Marxist propaganda. 

If you run a business, you need to make it clear every time there is an incident that you do not stand for racism and that you “Stand for Equality” which you can read in big letters at the top of American Eagle also wants to make it clear that they “Stand with the black community.” It wasn’t just limited to these two. Coca-Cola, Target, paypal, Starbucks, and probably every other company that you do business with, has sent you a email or has made it clear on their page that they do not support racism. Was there any question? Did someone actually believe that Starbucks didn’t support racial equality? Can anyone actually give me the name of any company that doesn’t support racial equality or that supports police brutality? 

You can also go to and watch Hollywood Liberals repeat “I take Responsibility” and then there is an option where you can select what sin you are guilty of and how you will atone for that sin. Oh, bonus points for anyone who donates to the Marxist organization Black Lives Matter. 

There is really no other way to describe this other then a cult. If you don’t subscribe to this new Marxist cult, you are accused of being a racist, forced to apologize for being a racist (whether you actually are or not) and are canceled. Forgiveness really isn’t in their scripture either. You can apologize but you are still canceled anyways, but at least you took responsibility for your “White privilege”.

Sadly, this is going to continue and get worse and worse until we say enough is enough and refuse to bow to this mob. You will not see things like “Equality” or “I stand with the black community” or any other “community” for that matter on Mikulawire because that should be assumed. I will call out police brutality when I see it, as I did with George Floyd. I will call out racism when I see it, and yes, racism does exist. But I will also post the facts and mention statistics such as 93% of blacks are killed by other blacks. Believing one does not mean that you can’t also believe the other. 

I am not going to apologize for the color of my skin or something that one of my ancestors may or may not have said 300 years ago. I will take responsibility for anything that I have done or said that I believe was insensitive to any group of people, but I am not going to give in to the mob. I am willing to listen to someone of a different race, but I will not bow at the Black Lives Matter Marxist alter. I bow to one King and one King only, and that is Jesus Christ (another statement that can get me canceled in 2020 and I really don’t care).

The sooner we say enough is enough and start refusing to bow to the mob, the sooner we can restore our great country.

Read John McWhorter’s piece here:


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