The Impeachment Hearings: Starring the Know Nothings

If you have watched any of the people that have been called to testify during the impeachment hearings, you will see a whole bunch of people who are so sure that President Trump is guilty. They are so sure he is guilty and yet no one seems to know anything. No one has any first hand knowledge of any crime that has actually been committed. No one has any idea who the “whistle blower” is. There is no one who knows anything about any of the corruption going on involving the DNC, the State Department and Ukraine. The only thing they can tell you with out a shadow of a doubt is that Donald Trump needs to be impeached. 

It’s amazing how there is so much evidence to convict the President and yet he has yet to actually be convicted. We have yet to even find a credible witness who actually knows something about the crimes that President Trump has committed. I’m tempted to start claiming that Donald Trump is guilty of a crime, even though I have no first hand knowledge of anything. I wonder if I would be called to testify next. 

Recently, we had Alexander Vindman (an Ukrainian expert) and Jennifer Williams (who works at Vice President Pence’s office) who were called in to testify. Vindman claimed that Donald Trump never discussed corruption during any of his calls to the President of Ukraine. Williams claimed that the call was not appropriate, that it was political in nature, and that it was not in line with the U.S. national interest. It’s important to note that Vindman and Williams were both in on the phone call between President Trump and President Zelenskiy of Ukraine.

I take issue with William’s claim that it was “not in line with the U.S. national interest.” It’s not in line with our national interest to investigate the Ukrainian embassy working with the DNC through Alexandra Chalupa? It’s not in line with our national interest despite two Ukrainians being convicted in court for interfering in the 2016 U.S. election? It’s not in line with our national interest to investigate Ambassador Yovanovitch who was trying to stop an investigation into a NGO funded by both the U.S. State Department and George Soros? 

Thankfully we have congressman like Devin Nunes who actually does his job. Devin Nunes asked about things like the President of Burisma and Chalupa. He asked things such as “Did they know of anti-Trump efforts by various Ukrainian officials, as well as Alexandria Chalupa?” “Did they know about a potential conflict of interest, concerning Hunter Biden sitting on the board of Burisma?” “Did they know that Ukrainian natural-gas company Burisma routed more then $3 million into accounts tied to Hunter Biden?” All very important questions that should be asked. These questions go on and on. Shockingly, like all of the people that the Democrats have called in to testify, they didn’t have any knowledge of anything.

It is possible that Jennifer Williams didn’t know anything. But is it possible that Alexander Vindman, an Ukrainian expert, had no knowledge of anything that Devin Nunes asked about? Wasn’t this his job to know what was going on with Ukraine? He didn’t know that the State Department under the Obama administration was partnering with George Soros, to fund an NGO in Ukraine, the country that he is supposedly an expert on? Is he lying or just severely incompetent?

Of course Vindman has no idea who the whistle blower is either, despite actually naming the guy, Eric Ciaramella, just a few minutes earlier.  After Adam Schiff ran interference for Ciaramella, because how dare we have a right to question whether this whistle blower is a credible witness or not, Devin Nunes called Vindman out on his lie. Vindman of course took the advice of council (Adam Schiff) and refused to answer Nunes’ questions.

People like Adam Schiff apparently have absolutely no idea who the whistle blower is and yet they are going out of their way to protect this no name person? They have no idea who this whistle blower is and yet Schiff is threatening House members that they will face consequences if they mentioned his name. So if they don’t know who the whistle blower is, how would they know if someone named them? 

 Absolutely everyone in D.C., especially in the intelligence community, knows exactly who the whistle blower is, and his name is Eric Ciaramella. Adam Schiff knows that is it Eric Ciaramella. Alexander Vindman knows that the whistle blower is Eric Ciaramella. Everyone on the House Intelligence Committee knows that the whistle blower is Eric Ciaramella. 

The reason that Nixon was about to be impeached wasn’t his crimes, but the cover up. What are the Democrats doing with these impeachment hearings? It has been nothing but cover ups from the very start. No one seems to know anything. They are zooming in on just a phone call while leaving out the context behind the phone call and dismissing absolutely everything that doesn’t back up what they already believe. 

Of course this is all a conspiracy theory. Chalpua working with the Ukrainian embassy is a conspiracy theory. Millions of dollars being rerouted into accounts tied to Hunter Biden. Conspiracy theory. Anti-Trump efforts by a variety of Ukrainian officials. Conspiracy theory. The DNC working with the Ukrainian embassy to influence the 2016 U.S. election. Conspiracy theory. I’m curious how the media and the Democrats are so sure that it’s all a conspiracy theory if no one has any first hand knowledge of anything. 

The longer that these “hearings” drag out, the more the average American realizes just how ridiculous this is. The longer this drags out, the higher the chance of Donald Trump being re-elected is, not because the average independent voter is necessarily a big fan of Donald Trump, but because the left has been acting completely insane.

If we are not going to bring an actual witness in to testify, someone that actually knows something, then it’s time to end this circus. If this “whistle blower” is not going to present some first hand knowledge, then stop calling him a whistle blower, because he’s not one. He is not a whistle blower when all he has is that he overheard a rumor around the water cooler that Donald Trump did something. If Donald Trump is so clearly guilty of bribery, then why exactly are we going through all of this? If he is so clearly guilty, then impeach him already and let’s move on. 

They have absolutely nothing and they know they have nothing so they need to drag this on for as long as possible. None of their witnesses know anything, they don’t have a real whistle blower and they have no evidence of bribery. They have absolutely nothing and I believe that the average person is starting to see this for what it really is. This is nothing but a circus for a party who knows that they can’t win in 2020. These are not the actions of a party that is confident about winning the next election. If they were, they would be out trying to make the case directly to you on why Donald Trump should be removed from office and then let you decide on November 3rd 2020.


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