The First and Most Important Step to Winning

In February 1945 Soviet dissident Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn was arrested for criticizing Joseph Stalin for his conduct with the war. He was accused of anti-Soviet Propaganda and for creating a “hostile organization”. He was sentenced to eight years in a labour camp. After serving his time he was freed in 1953 and sent to exile to Birlik. In 1956 he was freed and exonerated by Nikita Khruschev.

In 1964, Khruschev was removed from power, and printing of Solzhenitsyn’s novel “Cancer Ward“, which criticized the Soviet Union and warned that “There’s a Stalinist in each of you; there’s even a Stalinist in me. We must root out this evil”, ceased because the environment was becoming too hostile for criticizing the Soviet Union. But it wasn’t enough that printing on his novel stopped. The KGB seized his papers, including a manuscript of another novel that he was working on.

Flash forward to 1971 and the KGB attempted to assassinated him using an unknown chemical agent, that ended up leaving him seriously ill.

In 1974 he was then arrested and the KGB and West Germany Chancellor agreed that Solzhenitsyn would be deported to West Germany and stripped of his Soviet citizenship.

Just one day before being deported, Solzhenitsyn published a powerful essay titled “Live Not By Lies”. This is a philosophy that we each need to live by if we are going to save the country.

According to Solzhenitsyn, if you are an honest man, you:

Will not write, sign, nor publish in any way, a single line distorting, so far as he can see, the truth;

Will not utter such a line in private or in public conversation, nor read it from a crib sheet, nor speak it in the role of educator, canvasser, teacher, actor;

Will not in painting, sculpture, photograph, technology, or music depict, support, or broadcast a single false thought, a single distortion of the truth as he discerns it;

Will not cite in writing or in speech a single “guiding” quote for gratification, insurance, for his success at work, unless he fully shares the cited though and believes that it fits the context precisely;

Will not be forced to a demonstration or a rally if it runs counter to his desire and his will; will not take up and raise a banner or slogan in which he does not fully believe;

Will not raise a hand in vote for a proposal which he does not sincerely support; will not vote openly or in secret ballot for a candidate whom he deems dubious or unworthy;

Will not be impelled to a meeting where a forced and distorted discussion is expected to take place;

Will at once walk out from a session, meeting, lecture, play, or film as soon as he hears the speaker utter a lie, ideological drivel, or shameless propaganda;

Will not subscribe to, nor buy in retail, a newspaper or journal that distorts or hides the underlying facts.

These are principals that we each need to live by if we want to stop things like Great Reset and anything else that comes our way.

You might not be ready to start openly protesting things like the Great Reset. The first step that you need to take if you truly want to make a difference is to become a slave to the truth and stop living by lies. Stop participating in what you know are lies. Stop giving your money to companies that are spreading lies. Do whatever you need to do to eliminate all lies in your life.

As Solzhenitsyn’s wrote in his essay Live Not By Lies:

“And therein we find, neglected by us, the simplest, the most accessible key to our liberation: a personal nonparticipation in lies! Even if all is covered by lies, even if all is under their rule, let us resist in the smallest way: Let their rule hold not through me!

And this is the way to break out of the imaginary encirclement of our inertness, the easiest way for us and the most devastating for the lies. For when people renounce lies, lies simply cease to exist. Like parasites, they can only survive when attached to a person.

We are not called upon to step out onto the square and shout out the truth, to say out loud what we think-this is scary, we are not ready. But let us at least refuse to say what we do not think!”.

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