The Final Reset of America

In 2008, Senator and Presidential Candidate Barack Obama promised to fundamentally transform America. He wasn’t kidding. America has changed significantly in the past decade. The nation that we once were is long gone. The final piece of that fundamental transformation is just around the corner if we don’t start paying attention. That final piece could go into effect as early as 2021.

If a Democrat wins the White House in 2020, a few things are guaranteed to happen. 1. They will try to go after the guns. If not an outright ban, they will do whatever they can, to continue to chip away at your right to defend yourself. 2. Higher taxes are coming. Much higher taxes, and it’s not only going to be on the top 1%. Within a few years, it will quickly spread to a majority of Americans 3. A Green New Deal that completes the fundamental transformation of America will happen. #3 is my focus today.

The Green New Deal that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is promoting sounds like a joke in the minds of many Americans. But it’s far from a joke. Progressives have been planning this for decades, and we could be just one election away from it becoming reality.

Back in 2007, New York Times Columnist Thomas Freedman openly called for a Green New Deal because “first and foremost to convey that this undertaking required a massive, urgent response commensurate with the scale and time frame posed by accelerating disruptive climate….It is time for the green movement to think big and make big demands- something oil and gas executives do everyday.”

It almost sounds like AOC is being used as a pawn and a distraction for an agenda that progressives have been planning for awhile.

If this deal were to take effect, this would be complete control of the U.S. economy. A few people in the government will decide on who is oppressed and who the oppressor is, and “the victims of environmental injustice or displaced workers have a right to reparations for damages.”

California is already planning to require solar power for new homes, which will drive the price of new homes up by tens of thousands of dollars.

I have no issue with wanting to preserve the environment. I have no issue with the average citizen saying that they want to do their part and add solar power or windmills to their home. I am hoping to build a house within the next few years, with plans to make that home as energy efficient as possible. What I have a problem with is the federal government forcing me to add solar power to my home. What I have a problem with is the federal government replacing justice with social justice. What I have a problem with is the federal government telling a business owner how to run their business.

If the Green New Deal were allowed to take effect, and it will take effect as early as 2021 if a Democrat wins the White House, it will have grave consequences on the U.S. economy and the fundamental transformation that we were promised will have been completed.


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