The Facts About “Assault Weapons” in America

Every time there is a mass shooting we are told that we must act right now to prevent another mass shooting. Okay, well maybe that isn’t completely true. When the media and the Left can make the shooting about race, they’ll make it about race and not the gun like they did after the shooting last month in Atlanta when a white man (who claimed to be a sex addict) shot and killed six Asian women (and two white women) at massage parlors. The following week when a Syrian man shot and killed 10 at a grocery store in Boulder, Colorado, because he wasn’t a white man, the Left made the issue about guns and that we need to act right now to stop the next mass shooting. According to President Biden we can’t wait another minute to address the out of control mass shootings in the United States and that we need “common sense” gun legislation immediately. 

When you look at the actual gun statistics in America, the statistics paint a completely different picture then those who are pushing gun control. And that is exactly what they are pushing, control. This has nothing to do with safety, it is 100% about control. 

If this was truly about safely then these same people would point out that despite Chicago having some of the strictest gun control laws in the country, crime is out of control. In all of 2016 there were 718 shootings in Chicago. In all of 2020, there was 769. So far in 2021? Over 620 and that was as of March 24th. Despite some of the strictest gun “safety” laws in the country, crime is out of control there. 

We are now being told by President Biden and others that we must reinstate the assault weapons ban of 1994. But it did absolutely nothing. Despite, President Biden’s claims, multiple studies were done and all of them showed that it had no effect on gun violence. According to a report done by the American Medical Association, “ Limited data from 4 studies of the assault weapons ban (in effect from 1994 to 2004) do not provide evidence that the ban was associated with a significant decrease in firearm homicides.” Multiple countries have tried assault weapons ban and they do not work. They always fail. 

These so called “Assault Rifles” is a completely made up term used by those on the far Left who want control to scare you into believing that they only care about your safety. The number of deaths by “assault rifles” is so small that the FBI doesn’t even have a category of them. All rifles deaths equal just 300-400 each year and yet we are told that we must act now to prevent these mass shootings and ban these “assault rifles”. What these same people don’t tell you is that far more deaths happen with handguns. Over 6,000 yearly deaths compared to less than 400 with any rifle.

If you start to question this and raise concerns that they are going to take away your guns, you are accused of being a conspiracy theorist. We are told that no one is coming for your guns we just want to get these “assault rifles” off of the streets. Yes, they are coming for your guns. This will not stop with “assault rifles”. Why would it when 99.8% of all gun deaths are with handguns, not “assault rifles”? 

The number of deaths by all rifles is so small that you have a higher chance of being killed by a hammer then you do by a rifle, according to the FBI’s own numbers. More people are killed by hands and feet then are killed by any rifle.  You have a higher chance of being struck by lightening then you do in dying in a mass shooting from any gun. This is not about safety, it’s about control. It’s about taking away your second amendment right to bear arms.

Almost everything the Left wants that is suppose to prevent these mass shootings Colorado already has and yet it did absolutely nothing to prevent this shooting. They already have universal background checks, red flag gun control laws, large capacity magazine bans, domestic violence gun laws, extended background check periods and gun free zones and still it did not prevent this shooting because these laws don’t work.

States really need to take the lead and start pushing back against this out of control government and follow the lead of South Carolina. States really need to amend their state constitutions so that the state has a militia and if you are a citizen of that state you are by default part of this state militia. A bill has now been introduced in South Carolina that goes even further then what is already in the state constitution. This bill states that since your are a part of the “well-regulated militia” if the federal government passes any law that violates your second amendment right to own any type of firearm, federal law will not trump state law in that case. If you live in South Carolina, please contact your state legislature and urge them to pass this law so that the federal government can not come in and violate your second amendment rights. 

I think it’s time for every state to follow South Carolina’s lead and amend their constitution to form a “well-regulated militia” and then pass what was introduced in South Carolina so that the rights of the citizens to keep and bear arms is not infringed by an out of control government. You have the right to own any type of firearm you choose, even the big black scary looking ones.

The one really good thing about this bill that was proposed in South Carolina is that the federal government wouldn’t trump state law if it passes, whereas in these gun sanctuary cities, technically federal law still trumps state laws so the federal government can still come in (although not constitutionally) and take your guns. What was passed in those sanctuary cities only prevents anyone from within the state from taking guns away from law abiding citizens. In today’s world we need more then that. We need stronger bills in the states to prevent an out of control federal government from violating your second amendment rights.


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