The Enemy of the People

I was really bothered when Donald Trump called the media “The enemy of the people” in February 2017. Of course the media went ballistic like they always do whenever Donald Trump says or does anything. He was accused of being a “fascist” by MSNBC’s Chris Hayes. CNN President Jeff Zucker slammed the White House over their hostage stance against the media. All of the left wing media compared him to Hitler. But what else do you call it when companies like CNN and the Washington Post make up stories to smear someone?

After the last five years, I have a completely new perspective on things. Yes, the media really is the enemy of the people. Everyone makes mistakes and gets stories wrong. But they have proven that they aren’t interested in getting the story right at all as long as it fits their agenda.

Just within the last 5 years, we had Trump colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election, we had Jussie Smollett, we had the Covington kids, we had Trump’s “find the fraud” comment that he allegedly made to an election official in Georgia, we had the phone call with the President of Ukraine, we had Kyle Rittenhouse, we had the effectiveness of COVID treatments like Ivermectin. The list goes on and on. If you have been paying attention at all, you probably figured out where I am going with this. The narratives that were pushed by the media in all of these cases were 100% untrue.

Let’s start with Russia collusion. They had no evidence of Russian collusion and yet all of the left wing media pushed a narrative that was concocted by the Hillary Clinton campaign that Donald Trump colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election. After a two year investigation, they came up with zero evidence of collusion. They knew early on that the evidence did not exist and yet they continued to peddle that lie for five years.

We had the Jussie Smollett fake hoax. They had a narrative that we live in this racist country and that MAGA (Donald Trump supporters) people are all evil racist people. They pushed the narrative that a group of MAGA supporters got together, made racist comments and beat up Jussie Smollett and yelled “This is MAGA country”. Anyone with a brain could smell that there was something wrong with the entire story but the media had a narrative and that is to continue to paint Donald Trump and all of his supporters as violent out of control racists.

We had the Covington kids in January 2019 that attended a pro-life rally in D.C. A short video that was intentionally edited to make the Covington kids, Nicholas Sandmann in particular, look like they were harassing a Native American made named Nathan Phillips. Again, the media rushed to condemn Sandmann, after all he must be guilty because he was also MAGA. When you watch the unedited video, absolutely everything the media claimed about him was a lie. He did not harass Phillips. Even when Phillips started yelling and beating a drum in Sandmann’s face, Sandmann didn’t respond.

We had Trump’s “find the fraud” comment that he allegedly made to a Georgia official after the 2020 election. The media portrayed this comment as Trump putting pressure on the election official to just make up fraud so that Trump could steal the election. The issue is that none of it actually happened. They had no evidence for it and when the tapes were released, the only thing that Trump called for was for the results to be investigated. He did not pressure the official to come up with fraud just so that the election would be overturned. The Washington Post originally pushed this story but months later quietly walked the story back.

We had the Ukraine phone call where Trump allegedly asked the Ukrainian President for a “quid pro quo” and blocked funding to Ukraine until they came up with dirt on Joe Biden, because Trump wanted to steal another election. This allegation led to a second impeachment. It turns out that Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee intentionally misquoted what was said during the phone call. CNN eventually admitted that Trump was right.

We had the effectiveness of drugs like Ivermectin in treating Covid-19. The media has gone out of their way to smear anyone who pushes the claim that Ivermectin can be used in some circumstances to treat Covid-19. They accused Joe Rogan of using “horse de-wormer”. What they ignore is that Ivermectin does come in human form and is very widely used, even receiving a Nobel prize in 2015. It’s one thing to claim that there’s no evidence that Ivermectin is effective at treating COVID (even though there is) but they intentionally smear anyone who makes that claim. I didn’t understand why they were so threatened by someone using Ivermectin. I mean if it doesn’t work and the person using it dies, what do they care, it was likely just another Trump supporter. Then I found out that in 2015, the Federal government signed a deal with Moderna where they (the government) would become part owner of mRNA, the technology behind most of the COVID vaccines. That is why absolutely every COVID treatment that is not mRNA has been smeared by Dr. Fauci and the media. That doesn’t just include Ivermectin, but Regeneron’s antibody treatment as well. Remember the suspension of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine a few months ago? Why did they suspend that vaccine over six cases of unwanted side effects when all of the vaccines had similar side effects? Johnson and Johnson is the only one that created a vaccine that isn’t mRNA, meaning they are in direct competition to the government.

And then most recently we had Kyle Rittenhouse. Here was a racist kid who crossed state lines with an AR-15, went to a BLM protest and killed a bunch of black people. They insisted that this kid was a racist and that his goal was to kill black people. The facts say something completely different. He did not just randomly start shooting people and only fired when his life was threatened. He’s on video doing exactly what he said he was going to Kenosha to do, and that is help clean up graffiti and is even on video providing medical aid. They accused him of going to start trouble and that this wasn’t his community, even though he works there and half of his family lives in Kenosha and lives just 20 minutes away. And even to this day most people have no clue that all 3 of the people that he shot were white, and yet he’s somehow a white supremacist that went with the intention to shoot black people? So why didn’t he? If course the new narrative now is that he shot “black allies”.

Notice a pattern in all of these stories? The media pushed a narrative that Trump and all of his supporters are all evil, racist people. They don’t even try to get the facts right because they don’t want to . They have a narrative to push and they will push it regardless of what any of the facts say.

And some of these don’t require a deep investigation to uncover the truth. Just by looking at the race of the people that Kyle shot tells you that he didn’t go to kill black people. Just watching the full video of the D.C. protest would have shown them that it wasn’t Sandmann that was doing the harassing. But they don’t care.

One by one all of their narratives are falling apart and the media is quickly being discredited.


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