The Coming Famine of 2022

If we continue down the current path, short of a miracle, we could very likely see severe famine in many parts of the world by 2023 and even significant shortages in America as well, not to mention that the food that you will be able to buy will cost significantly more.

There are many contributing factors into this famine that is very likely coming.

  1. You can not just shut down the world economy like we did during COVID and then just turn it back on and expect everything to go back to normal. It doesn’t work that way and that’s what many of us were warning of at the time.
  2. A third of all of the world’s wheat comes from Russia and Ukraine. Wheat prices have now skyrocketed as a result of the war and shortages are coming. But it’s still much worse than that.
  3. Russia accounts for 23 percent of ammonia exports and 10 percent of processed phosphate exports. Russia is the second-largest producer of nitrogenous fertilizers and potassium fertilizers and is the fifth-largest producer of phosphate fertilizers. The cost of fertilizer is already up 300% for the farmers that could even get it. Without fertilizer, farmers are either going to have a much worse crop than normal and in many cases may not plant it at all this year.

If things continue down the road we are headed, it could be years if not a decade or more before we return to normal. You can’t just flip a switch and the supply chain begins to work again.

Even Joe Biden has admitted that food shortages are coming. If someone like Biden is even admitting that food shortages are coming, when there’s no advantage politically of doing so, you know that it’s going to be bad and that you should be preparing.

Countries like China know exactly what’s coming and that is why they are now stockpiling food. You need to be doing so as well. You need to be preparing now to be able to feed your family when things start to get really bad and prices are up another 20-30%, minimum. Every time you go to the store buy a little extra and put that towards your emergency stockpile for when things get really bad. Start shopping local to support your local farmer. If you can, plant a garden this spring. Prepare now while you still can because once this hits, it’s going to be really bad.

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