The Collapse of the Dollar and the New USD Coin

Since the 1960’s the United States government has spent more than $20 trillion on the war on poverty. $20 trillion! That is quadruple the amount of every war that the United States has ever fought in, combined. And what do we have to show for it? Absolutely nothing. Poverty rates have changed very little since the War on Poverty was started by President Lyndon B. Johnson in the 1960’s. What’s the only solution that the tax and spend progressives can come up with after more than 57 years and over $20 trillion spent on a War on Poverty that has done absolutely nothing to fix poverty? Spend even more. 

This massive ballooning debt is getting out of control and then the entire system is going to collapse because of it. The CBO is already claiming that we are looking at a $3.2 trillion deficit, the largest in history, and it’s only May.

According to the CBO, as of March 2021, public debt has reached the highest it has since 1946, when we were just recovering from the Great Depression and just ended WW2. That is double what it was in 2009 and triple what it was in 2000. Within the next 30 years, the debt to GDP ratio is expected to double again. This is unsustainable and we can not handle that amount of debt.

Almost everyone, outside of our elected officials apparently, know that this is getting out of control fast and that we are headed for disaster. Or that’s what I use to believe. I’m starting to think that they know exactly what is coming and they are intentionally trying to collapse the system. How else would you explain what they are doing? How could anyone in their right mind look at charts like the one above and not see the disaster that is looming.

According to the Foundation for Economic Education “Economists warn that we cant keep ignoring the national debt forever”. The CBO is warning that our rate of spending is unsustainable. Fed Chairman Jerome Powell has warned that the U.S. debt is on an “unsustainable path” and that is “crimping ability to respond to recession”.

Now you would think someone would come up with a plan to seriously cut spending, but no. You would think that the Federal Reserve would stop endlessly printing money after their chairman admitted that we are on an “unsustainable path”. Instead, we are now printing 26% more than at any other time in history.

Countries like Japan are already jumping ship and dumping the U.S. dollar because they can read the writing on the wall. They see that if the United States continues to spend at the rate it’s spending, disaster is coming. That is why they just offloaded $5.8 billion of U.S. debt according to Bloomberg.

This entire system is going to collapse and I think that’s what they are counting on. They have to know that if we continue down this path, it ends in disaster every single time. Printing and spending this amount of money always leads to hyperinflation. Like with Greece, one day most people have no clue what hyperinflation is and then the next day they were living it. That is the road that we are on and if we continue down this road, and it looks like we will, it’s going to get to a point when you feel the effects of hyperinflation overnight.

The Federal Reserve claims that the projected inflation rate for 2021 is 2.6%. While that’s higher then normal it’s not really a crisis. It’s also not reality either and everyone knows it. If they measured inflation the way they use to, the real inflation rate is already closer to 6% and that is quickly climbing.

Hyperinflation happens when there are too many dollars on the market. The only way to get keep inflation under control is to raise interest rates to suck all of that money back in so that inflation doesn’t get out of control. But despite inflation rapidly rising, the Federal Reserve has said they won’t raise interest rates for at least another two years. Why?

The Federal Reserve knows that we are at the point of no return. They know that they can’t raise interest rates because they wouldn’t be able to pay back a loan with a higher interest rate when they can’t pay back the money that they owe now with a interest rate near zero. That means that if they aren’t going to raise interest rates, and they are going to continue to flood the markets with more and more money, hyperinflation is eventually going to kick in and the dollar will collapse.

The most likely outcome is that the collapse of the dollar will lead to a new digital coin similar to bitcoin. The difference between the USD coin and bitcoin is unlike bitcoin, this new digital coin will be controlled by the federal government.

The world is already racing towards a new digital coin. The European Central bank has announced that they are creating one. The UK is considering creating a new digital currency. 80% of central banks are looking to create a new digital coin. China has also launched a new digital currency which will give President Xi Jinping even more power.

I believe all of this is part of the Great Reset which is a topic that I have now written several articles on and more will be released in the next several weeks. If you aren't up to date on the Great Reset, those articles are available at Click the tab at the top of the homepage and you will be able to easily read all of the articles that I have written on the topic or click the links at the bottom of this article.

I say that it’s all part of the Great Reset because it’s the only thing that makes sense. You need a collapse or a “reset” to move away from our current economic system and move towards a system that is similar to China. The World Economic Forum is also now partnering with Central Banks to implement this new CBDC, according to their own website.

This new USD digital coin has already been created and I think that we are going to move away from the dollar and towards this new coin quickly. They like the idea and technology behind bitcoin, they just don’t like that they can’t control it. People like Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen hate that you can buy something with bitcoin and they can’t control what you are buying with it. But if you create a new digital dollar, and then deem companies like gun manufacturers, Conservative media outlets like theBlaze or the DailyWire or political candidates like Donald Trump or Ted Cruz as “extremists” and dangerous to society, then you can restrict what people buy and where they spend their money. It sounds crazy but that is the direction that we are quickly moving in and it could be implemented before the 2022 election.

One final point I need to make with this. Remember the push for reparations? That’s also part of this as well, as is the push to raise taxes on the rich. The conversion rate will vary depending on what class you are in. If you are a poor minority, you might receive a 1 to 1 conversion ratio or even higher. If you are poor minority and convert early, instead of only getting $1 of digital coins from your $1 in cash, you might end up getting $1.20. But are you a rich, white man? Well, you might only get half of what you had in the bank before and if you wait too long, that might drop to a conversion rate of 1/3.

Sound crazy? Well, it wouldn’t be the first time that the Federal Government offered a conversion rate where the people got screwed.

  • 1775: the conversion rate from continental dollars to US dollars was 99 to 1.
  • 1814: the first bank of the US charter expired and the U.S. government defaulted on bonds in the first bank. Bond holders were offered dollars in the second US bank, but at a 10 to 1 conversion rate, meaning that if you previously had $10,000 in the first bank, you now only had $1,000.
  • 1860’s people were allowed to sell Greenbacks (civil war dollars) for a conversion rate of 2 to 1.
  • 1933: You were forced to sell your ‘Silver certificates’ and ‘gold bearing dollars’ to the federal government at a 1:1 conversion rate. But since then, the dollar has already decline by 99% while the price of gold and silver is 80 times higher then it was then.
  • 1978: US Bond holders were asked to exchange 9% interest bearing bonds for a lesser amount of non-interest bearing paper currency. 80% of people accepted the terms of those conditions and got screwed in that exchange.

Every time the federal government tries this, the people get screwed and this time will be no different. You must do whatever you can to prepare for what’s coming. You must try to pay down your debt as fast as possible. If you are have a loan with a variable interest rate you need to get that locked in now. If you have a loan you need to try to refinance to get the lowest rate possible now because it’s going to be impossible to get a loan in the near future. You need to stock up on essential items like food and toilet paper. You need to put your money into things that have value like alcohol and other things that you can trade when things begin to break down. You need to move 10% of your money into gold and silver because when the world gets crazy, it always moves back to gold and silver.

You must prepare for what’s coming now. One way you can do that is My Patriot Supply. This is a company that I have spent thousands of dollars with over last six years because I wanted to prepare for the times that we are currently living in. Proud to be able to welcome them as a sponsor. Check them out today and make sure that you and your family are prepared for what’s coming.

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