House Democrats Deliver Articles of Impeachment to Senate (FINALLY!!!)

On Thursday, after a 4 week wait, House Democrats FINALLY delivered the articles of impeachment over to the Senate. I’m so glad that they are handling this very “urgent” and “somber” matter in a reasonable time frame. I mean, Donald Trump is clearly a dictator and out of control, and needs to be removed immediately, […]

Should You Have the Right to Defend Yourself in Court?

If you were to be accused of a crime and put on trial, do you feel like you and your attorney should be allowed to be heard? Should you get the chance to present witnesses to back up your case? Should all the evidence be investigated or should the jury only get to hear the […]

Democrats Open Impeachment Inquiry Over Ukraine Scandal

Democrats are once again calling for President Trump to be impeached. Well, I guess I can’t really say “again” since they have been calling for impeachment every day since he was sworn in as President, but this is over something new. The whole Russian collusion delusion fell apart so it was only a matter of […]