Sound of Freedom Movie to Cross $100 million this week making it one of top movies of 2023

The surprise hit of the summer, “Sound of Freedom,” is on track to break $100 million this week, making it one of the top movies of the year.

Sound of Freedom, is a true story based on the life of Tim Ballard, a U.S Department of Homeland Security agent who leaves the force to start Operation Underground Railroad, with the goal of saving as many children as possible from the horrors of sex trafficking. Sex trafficking is a $150 billion industry and estimates are that 40 million people are currently living as sex slaves.

This weekend the movie did something that is extremely rare in entertainment. According to Angel Studios’ Head of Theatrical Distribution Brandon Purdie, “There have only been 10 wide release movies in box office history that have had a 2nd weekend increase greater than 35% over their opening weekend. All of them did it at Christmas. Angel Studios is the only Studio to do this in the summer blockbuster season with SOUND OF FREEDOM.”

Angel Studio’s SVP of Global Distribution Jared Geesey boasted about the film’s success “While the entire summer movie box office lineup is underperforming, our small independent film continues to grow week over week. Driven by millions of fans and supporters, SOUND of FREEDOM has become a national—and soon international—movement for change.”

The film grossed $19.6 million opening weekend and $27 million in its second weekend, a 37% increase. So far the movie has grossed $85 million and is expected to cross the $100 million mark this week.

The movie was filmed in 2018 and originally slated for release by 20th Century Fox, but when Disney bought out the company in 2019, the film was shelved. Angel studios ended up stepping in and releasing the movie, with the help of “angel investors”, individual contributors that support start-ups.


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