Senate Democrats Block Infanticide Bill

A few weeks ago, Senator Ben Sasse introduced a bill to the senate that would protect babies who have been born alive after a failed abortion attempt. This bill only protected those who have already been born and did not put any restrictions on abortions. There is absolutely no reason that the entire senate shouldn’t have supported this bill, even those who believe that abortion should be legal, which again, this bill would have put zero restrictions on abortions and only protects those who are born alive.

Any slimmer of hope that I had for the Democrat Party as evaporated. Part of me, even if it was only a very tiny part, had at least some hope that Democrats would do the right thing and vote yes on this bill, which once again, did not put any restrictions on abortions and only protects those who are born alive. Sadly, only three Democrats, Bob Casey (PA), Doug Jones (AL) and Joe Manchin (WV), voted against their party, and supported this legislation that requires that babies who are born alive receive proper medical treatment. All three Senate Democrats think that infanticide should be illegal.  

Among those who voted against this bill, are Democrat Senators and current Presidential candidates Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, Kirsten Gilibrand, Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar, and Bernie Sanders, all of whom do not believe that babies should have the right to receive medical treatment after they are born.

Even if you don’t believe that life begins at conception like I do, and you think that women should have some rights when it comes to abortion, are you okay with this? Are you okay with allowing doctors to refuse medical treatment to babies who have already been born?  

If we don’t speak out now, I have a feeling that things will get very dark, very fast for this country. We are now no longer just talking about abortion. We are now talking about those that have already been born that only three Democratic Senators think that is it wrong to refuse medical treatment. At what point does this end? At one point does that average American Democrat stand up and say enough is enough and that I can not support my party any longer?


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