Real Inflation Hits 17.1%, Producer Price Index Hits Highest on Record

According to almost everyone, inflation hit 8.5% in March 2022, year over year. We keep hearing comparisons to Jimmy Carter when inflation was 16%. We hear things like inflation is the highest hits been since 1980. It’s actually far worse than that.

According to, which is a site that tracks things like the real inflation numbers and the real unemployment rate, inflation hit 17.1% in March 2022. The reason they are reporting inflation at 8.5% is because the way we measure inflation changed in 1982 and then again in 1990. If we measured inflation the same way we did pre-1982, the official inflation number would be 17.1%.

There are two main reasons why they report the 8.5% number as the accurate number and don’t tell you how bad inflation really is. That is because:

  1. The lower number sounds better, prevents you from panicking and thinking that things are out of control and it allows them to continue to print endless amounts of money because inflation is a little high but “It’s not that bad”. How many American’s know that the real inflation rate is actually higher now than in the 1970s and the highest it has been since……1919? Very few.
  2. The average American would be struggling if inflation was at 8.5%, let alone 17.1% but, it’s far worse for those on social security or anyone else that depends on income and a cost of living increase increase. We’ve probably all heard the story from someone that “I’m on social security and I’m struggling”, and that was even before inflation started to skyrocket. Imagine how much they are going to be struggling after a few years of this. But the government reporting the inflation number at 8.5% instead of 17.1% allows them to only give social security increases based off of the 8.5%. So with the way that the government now calculates the number, their social security increases are no where close to keeping up with inflation like it’s suppose to.

Each day it’s getting more and more important to start promoting companies that value our principles and stop spending our money at companies that are doing everything possible to fight against them.

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That company this week is It’s an amazing cookie. They have all kinds of unique flavors that you aren’t going to find with Oreo, like Rocky Road, Texas Sheet Cake and Carrot Cake. They constantly have new flavors coming out. It’s by far the best cookie I have ever tasted. And the best part is they don’t fund organizations that go against your values.

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We are still no where close to the peak of this I fear. Last week, the latest Producer Price Index (PPI) was released and that tracks things like the raw materials that it takes to make the goods that you buy in the store. In March that number hit the highest level on record since they started tracking it in 1982 at the wholesale level, and that is at 11.2%. That means that that cost is going to be passed down on to you.

To add more fuel to the fire, much of China, which produces what seems like almost everything that we buy, is now back in lockdown due to the latest COVID outbreak. Key Apple suppliers, including Foxconn, have been forced to shut down factories in Shenzhen. Toyota has been forced to shut down their factories in the Chinese region of Changchun. It’s not just a few factories, it’s a large portion of China that is shut down, forcing 30 million truckers to stay at home.

We have a major crisis coming and I don’t know if there’s anyway out of it. That’s why you need to be doing everything you can to prepare for things to get worse. Pay down anything with a variable loan. When you go to a grocery store try to buy extra and store it away from when prices increase. Downsize if you need to to be able to afford to stock up. And prepare for challenging times ahead.

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