Presidential Candidate Doug Burgum Sits Down With Iowa Gov. Reynolds For “Fair-Side Chats” Series

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds interviews ND Gov and Presidential Candidate Doug Burgum at the Iowa State Fair, as part of her “Fair-Side Chats” series.

North Dakota Governor and Presidential Candidate Doug Burgum sat down with Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds on Friday as part of her “Fair-Side Chat” series, which is taking place at the Iowa State Fair.

Over the next several days, she will sit down with most of the candidates for about 30 minutes each, although Donald Trump and Chris Christie have both declined the invite.

Burgum promised that under a Burgum administration, we would be energy independent and energy dominant again and stop buying oil from our adversaries.

Burgum said that President Biden’s “energy policy is designed by China” and slammed the Biden administration for being “too busy trying to destroy (American-produced) energy to use it as a tool against China”.

Burgum said that food security would be a priority and that we can’t have national security without food security.

Burgum slammed the Biden administration for refusing to secure the border and allowing terrorists to cross the border into the United States, as well as allowing drug cartels to bring in drugs like fentantyl.

Burgum also said that that nothing about this administration makes sense.

Burgum did take a jab at Trump without mentioning him by name and said that “Leaders don’t blame other people, leaders lead” to applause from the crowd, adding that “as long as we are talking about the past, and not talking about Biden’s record” we aren’t going to be solving issues like national security, energy security, food security and moving the country forward.

Iowa is scheduled to kick off primary season on January 15th.


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