Poll: Nearly Half of Democrats Want Jailtime for Those that Question Vaccines

Just when you think things can’t get any more insane, you read stuff like this headline. This month, a poll was conducted by Rasmussen that shows some alarming numbers.

  • 78% of Democrats support the vaccine mandate.
  • 55% of Democrats want unvaccinated Americans fined.
  • 59% want a new program to lock up the unvaccinated in their homes and only allow them out in emergencies.
  • 47% of Democrats want the unvaccinated to be tracked digitally to ensure that they don’t break the rules.
  • 45% of Democrats want anyone that dares to question the effectiveness of the vaccines, whether it be in the media or you sharing your opinions on social media, to be thrown in jail
  • 45% of Democrats want the vaccinated to be in separate facilities and designated areas until they got the vaccine.
  • 29% of Democrats want the state to take away the children of the unvaccinated, regardless of the vaccination status of the children.

The good news is that this is just among Democrats that support these insane policies and not a majority of Americans. But for anyone in todays society to think like this shows just how far we have fallen as a nation and if we don’t wake up soon we will cease to exist as a free(ish) nation.

What I would be curious to know and I guess I kind of already know the answer to my question, but what percent of these people believed that Trump was a dictator and that Republicans are all Nazi’s? I’m willing to bet that a vast majority of those that support jail time for those that even dare to ask questions about the vaccine and a vast majority of those that want to lock the unvaccinated up inside their homes are the same people that like to go on social media and accuse anyone that disagrees with them of being a Nazi and a terrorist.


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