Orlando Magic’s Jonathan Isaac launches UNITUS clothing brand

Melina Vastola, USA Today

NBA Star Jonathan Isaac recently launched a faith based clothing brand named UNITUS, in an effort to start bringing people together.

“I’m just so excited,” he said. “I really am. I do see this as something that is bigger than me, bigger than all of us, and so for that I have to give glory and honor to Jesus Christ for who I am today and how this journey of following Him has blossomed into what we see today.”

“True greatness is the embodiment and the striving toward the values that we want to see celebrated in our marketplace and culture,” Isaac continued. “It’s one thing to say we stand for these values … It’s one thing to shout ‘faith, freedom, and family’ from the rooftops … but if we’re not walking the walk, and talking the talk, then what does it really mean?”

“And that is what UNITUS is about,” Isaac added.

At the recent event Issac explained that the UNITUS logo was based on the Ark of the Covenant, and he announced that he would be debuting the “Judah I” shoe during the upcoming NBA season. The sneaker will have five colorways — unconquered, ruah (the Hebrew word for spirit), triumph, exodus and lion of Judah — with a Bible verse tied to each of them.

The event featured a performance from Christian artist Tauren Wells and a fashion show displaying the UNITUS launch collection.

Issac said that he envisions signing athletes who share similar beliefs across all sports, as well as families and coming athletes that want to spend money with a company that reflects their beliefs.

The company makes clear on their website that the goal is to bring people together.

“For too long, the sports and lifestyle apparel game has been dominated by companies with divisive agendas,” the website reads. “Greatness has been defined only by how you perform—apart from who you are and how you live. And cancel culture has the millions of people who hold traditional values wondering, ‘What if I’m the only one?’”


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