North Carolina State Board of Elections Votes to Certify the “No Label Party” for 2024 Presidential Election Ballot

Photo by LightSource, Deposit Photos

The North Carolina State Board of Election voted 4 to 1 on Tuesday to certify the “No Label Party” for the upcoming 2024 presidential election ballot, becoming the tenth state to do so.

No Labels is an organization that claims to have over 1 million members, and plans to have a “unity ticket” with a centrist Republican and a Democrat running on the same ticket. They haven’t committed yet to running a candidate but said that they will if they do not find the two nominees acceptable.

Among those speculated in recent weeks to potentially run on this ticket have been Former Maryland Governor Larry Hogan (R), West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin (D) and Former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman (R).

Machin and Huntsman recently spoke at a town hall at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire.

“It is clear that most Americans are exceedingly frustrated by the growing divide in our political parties and toxic political rhetoric from our elected leaders,” said Senator Manchin. “Our political discourse is lacking engaged debates around common sense solutions to solve the pressing issues facing our nation. I am looking forward to modeling this type of conversation with my good friend, Gov. Huntsman, and the No Labels community. The things that unite Americans are much stronger than the things that divide us and I am confident that will be evident throughout our discussion.”

“New Hampshire has long occupied a unique place in American politics, which makes it a special place to discuss the most important issues facing our country,” said Governor Huntsman. “There’s never been a more critical time to remind ourselves that we are all Americans.”

Former Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, who currently serves as Co-Chair of the organization, said recently that “An overwhelming majority of Americans are looking for something else”. Hogan added “And so, when given the choice between Donald Trump, Joe Biden or neither, most Americans pick neither.”

Hogan flirted with a run for the Republican nomination earlier this year, quickly deciding against it. But according to Hogan, “I haven’t ruled that out,” regarding a third party run.


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