New Hampshire State House Introduces Bill to Ban ESG

7 Republicans in the New Hampshire state legislature have now introduced House bill 1469 that would ban financial institutions from using ESG scores in a discriminatory manner.

The bill states that  “All banks and other financial institutions doing business in the state of New Hampshire, either directly or through the use of an outside contractor, shall not discriminate against, nor advocate for or cause adverse treatment of, any citizen or business in their business practices based on subjective or arbitrary standards such as social media posts; participation or membership in any clubs, associations, or unions, etc.; political affiliation; employer; or other social credit, environmental, social, and governance, or similar values-based or impact criteria.”

This bill lays out clear penalties for any financial institution that breaks the law. The bill states that  “…any bank or credit union who violates subparagraph (g)(1) or (g)(2) shall, for a first offense be subject to a $50,000 fine; and for a second and each subsequent offense be subject to a $250,000 fine. If the bank or credit union has 5 or more offenses, criminal prosecution may be included along with any fines assessed under RSA 651:2.”

While the bill doesn’t outright ban ESG scores, it makes it illegal for banks to discriminate against you or other businesses. If the bill does pass, your bank can still provide you with an ESG score to inform you of your investments, but it won’t mean much unless you take that information and decide to move your investments around to be more environmentally friendly or more social justice friendly. You won’t be denied for things like loans because of a low ESG score which is what would happen under the system that is quickly being implemented, a system that looks a lot like China’s credit score system.

Everyone needs to be urging their representatives to pass a bill banning ESG scores from being implemented in their state. The help, at least for the next year, is not coming from the Federal government. We individually need to be fighting this at the local and state level right now and that means contacting our state Reps and shopping and banking locally whenever possible.

This is really good news. People are finally starting to wake up and fight back but we have a lot more work to do to stop a system that will fundamentally transform America into something that we don’t recognize.

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