New Comic Book Company Making Waves

Last July, Political Commentator, Writer, Musician and Content Creator Eric July, who also goes by the name Young Rippa, launched Rippaverse Comics in an attempt to take on the woke industry.

“To see the industry go in the direction that it’s gone kind of lights a fire under you,” July said. “It’s not like it’s getting any better. These people are doubling down on everything that they’re doing no matter how often the fans reject it.”

July was sick of it so he launched Rippaverse.

“I put my money where my mouth is,” July said. “I just started a comic book company. I told people I’m not beating the audience over the head with my individual political views with this, and that got me called the most ugly names I’ve probably ever been called in my life.”

“I like seeing people be stoked. I like seeing people be happy and enthusiastic about something that is happening in entertainment”, Eric July told the New York Post. “The last five, six years, it’s been rough for a lot of people [because] folks have just been holding their nose as they go through and consume whatever entertainment it is that they’re consuming,” he said.

Sales have been extremely well since the launch of Rippaverse comics.

According to the company’s website, the Crowdfunding campaign for Isom #1 raised $3.7 million.

The fundraiser campaign for Isom #2 recently launched and has already bought in $1.9 million. The campaign for Isom #2 ends August 27th but shipments are expected to start around July 31st.


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