Jordan Peterson announces alternative to World Economic Forum

Photo by Rene Johnston/Toronto Star via Getty Images

Last week, author and Professor Jordan Peterson, went on Joe Rogan’s podcast and announced an alternative to the World Economic Forum, the organization that is pushing the Great Reset.

Peterson didn’t go into many details on the podcast, other than to say that the goal is to create an alternative to the “apocalyptic narrative”.

About 2,000 people will be invited to the event that is scheduled to be held in London from October 31st to November 2nd. The first event will be by invite only but video of the event will be made public.

The event will focus on how to “get energy and resources at the lowest possible cost as rapidly as possible to the largest number of people around the world” and how to encourage “long-term monogamous couples who are child-centered and to make increasing the birth rate part of that policy,” among other things.

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One Response

  1. Population increase is anathema to the global elitest. Its why they invented the Covid injection. If it doesn’t kill you immediately, it will eventually and most likely before the poor fool gets anywhere near retirement age. Of course those retired will indeed be retired earlier to their caskets.

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