IRS to Target Middle Class in New “Inflation Reduction” Bill

Last week, Senate Democrats passed the “Inflation Reduction Act” on a party line vote, with Vice President Kamala Harris casting the tie breaking vote.

One of the key pieces of this legislation is $80 billion in additional funding to hire an additional 87,000 new agents, on top of the 79,000 agents that they currently have. This will make the IRS larger than the Pentagon, State Department, FBI, and Border Patrol, combined. The IRS will also now have 2,148 law enforcement officers, 4,461 weapons including fully automatic weapons and over 5 million rounds of ammo. I thought these weapons were “weapons of war”? Who are they preparing to go to war against?

We are told that the middle class isn’t going to see an increase in audits and if you make under $400,000 you won’t see your taxes increase by one penny. But if you read the bill you would discover that every tax bracket (outside of those making $10,000-30,000) will see their taxes increase. If you know anything about the IRS and the people that are generally audited the most, it is the middle class (those making under $75,000).

It is true that this bill may slow inflation but the way they are going to try to do that is to make your poorer. Increase taxes on the middle class and then take even more of their money away by auditing more, means that you will have less money to spend. If you are spending less, that takes pressure off of the economy and could resort to a reduction in inflation. Add to that rapidly rising interest rates and within the next few years you are going to see your lifestyle significantly decline.

If you have been reading my articles on the Great Reset over the last 18 months you know exactly what is coming. According to the Great Reset, “by 2030 you’ll own nothing”. How do you get to a place where people are going to give up the things that they own, because they aren’t going to do that willingly? Make it impossible to afford anything due to inflation and an increase in taxes. Drive up inflation to a point where you can no longer afford to buy anything that isn’t essential and you can no longer afford to take that family vacation (because that traveling contributes to “climate change”).

For more on the Great Reset, visit and click on the Great Reset tab at the top of the homepage. There you will find over 50 articles that I have written over the last 18 months on this topic, and more are being added often.

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