Iowa Gov. Reynolds Interviews Tim Scott at the Iowa State Fair, for “Fair-Side Chats” Series with the Candidates

Iowa Gov. Reynolds interviews South Carolina Senator and Presidential Candidate Tim Scott at the Iowa State Fair for “Fair-Side chats”

On Tuesday, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds interviewed South Carolina Senator and 2024 Republican Presidential Candidate Tim Scott at the Iowa State Fair for “Fair-Side Chats”. This week she interviewed most of the 2024 candidates, although Trump and Christie both declined the invite.

Scott kicked off the interview talking about growing up poor, but that the future isn’t dependent on someone’s skin but the quality of their education.

Scott said that we need school choice. Scott said that he does believe in public schools but that we also need competition.

Scott said we need a President with a backbone to stand up to the President of China, regarding China stealing our technologies by flying balloons over the country, and that we need to bring our supply chain home. He said energy independence is national security.

Scott said that we need to finish the border wall and crush the cartels that are bringing drugs across our southern border. Scott claimed that it would cost just $5 billion to secure the southern border.

Scott pledged to increase federal funding for law enforcement by 500% and called for a “victims bill of rights” and that we need to get back to law and order. Scott said we need to ignore the race of the person committing the crime and focus on the crime.

Scott touted co-writing the 2017 tax cuts and that federal revenue increases under tax cuts.

Scott said he will focus his time in office on restoring hope and focusing on education.

The Iowa caucus are scheduled for January 15th.


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