Iowa Gov. Reynolds Interviews Miami Mayor and Pres Candidate Francis Suarez as Part of “Fair-Side Chats” Series

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds interviews Miami Mayor and Republican Pres Candiate at the Iowa State Fair for her “Fair-Side Chat” series

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds interviewed Miami Mayor and Republican Presidential Candidate Francis Suarez on Friday, as part of her “Fair-Side Chats” series.

Reynolds will be interviewing most of the candidates and asking them about their plans if they were elected as President in 2024.

Suarez kicked off the interview talking about his accomplishments as Mayor of Miami, including cutting taxes to the lowest ever, supporting law enforcement, and cutting crime.

Suarez talked about the importance of focusing on technology and building computer chips in America, and not relying as heavily on China.

Suarez talked about the importance of finishing the border wall at the southern border, and that we “need to be intentional about protecting our border”. He mentioned that we should defund the 87,000 new IRS agents and use that money for technology and new border agents.

Suarez claimed that it was time to designate the drug cartels as terrorist organizations and said that the amount of people dying from fentanyl amounts to 80,000-90,000 Americans dying ever year, and that would be like a 747 crashing every day.

Suarez touted his record of balancing the budget in Miami within one year and that we need to do that at the federal level.

On electability Suraez said “I have absolutely no doubt that I would be a impossible candidate for the Democrats to beat, because I attack three core constituencies that, if they were to lose, they will lose the election by a landslide,” Suarez said. “… If we could win Hispanics, if we could win urban voters — which I’ve done already, my community — and young voters, it’s game over. There isn’t a place in the United States where Democrats can win. I’ve already done that.”

Suarez discussed his experience as a Cuban-American whose parents were kicked out of Cuba and said that his history and experience would make him a good choice to lead conservatives to victory in a national election.

Iowa is scheduled to kick off primary season on January 15th.


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