Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds Interviews Presidential Candidate Ryan Binkley at the Iowa State Fair, for “Fair-Side Chats”

Iowa Gov. Reynolds interviews Presidential Candidate Ryan Binkley at the Iowa State Fair, as part of her “Fair-Side Chats” series.

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds sat down with Presidential Candidate Ryan Binkley on Tuesday, as part of her “Fair-Side Chat” series.

Binkley kicked off the interview talking about his spirtual background. Binkley is a pastor in the Dallas area, and talked about how we need a spiritual revival.

Binkley talked about how healthcare reform is one of the top priorities of his campaign. Binkley pledged that his administration would work to desocialize healthcare. He said we need to allow insurance companies to compete across state lines, we need price visibility for medical expenses, and that we need to fix the patent hedges around the pharmaceutical companies.

Binkley said that we have the greatest opportunity as a party since Jimmy Carter and we are missing it. He said he will connect with people with a “Republican alternative to socialism” and that we need a job movement that teaches people that having a trade isn’t a secondary education.

Binkley said that we would secure the border, but putting the military is only a temporary solution. Binkley said that he is supporting “security and dignity” act that provides funds for barriers and technology. He also said that his plan provides “dignity” for the people that have been here illegally for decades, but that they will need to pay a $10,000 fine over 12 years to be able to stay. He said that he doesn’t support amnesty, and that anyone that has been here for 5 years or less will need to be kicked out.

Binkley said that the out of control debt is one of the main reasons he is running for President. Binkley pledged a 7 year economic rescue plan that would balance the budget.

Binkley said he sees a “pefect storm” coming of slow growth and inflation, and that that is why he is running for President.

The Iowa caucuses are scheduled for January 15th.


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