Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds Interviews Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis at the Iowa State Fair for “Fair-Side Chats”

Iowa Gov. Reynolds interviews Florida Governor and Presidential Candidate Ron DeSantis at the Iowa State Fair, as part of her “Fair-Side Chats” series.

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds sat down with Florida Governor and Republican Presidential Candidate, Ron DeSantis, for her “Fair-Side Chats” series. Reynolds will be interviewing most of the 2024 Republican candidates, although Trump and Christie have both declined the invite.

Reynolds praised DeSantis for his bus tour of all 99 counties. DeSantis also announced recently that they have already announced county level chairs for all 99 counties in Iowa.

Reynolds asked DeSantis about leading Florida through Covid. DeSantis promised to bring accountability for the disasterous policies during Covid that were pushed by many of the health experts.

DeSantis said on day one he will eliminate all of Biden’s regulations and executive orders. DeSantis touted Florida’s budget surplus despite having no income tax and that Florida has paid down 25% of the states’s total debt during his tenure as Governor. DeSantis also called for a balanced budget amendment.

DeSantis noted how federal agencies have grown 50% since 2019 and said that he will cut the size of government by at least 50%.

DeSantis said that as President, he will “safe guard the rights of partents” and that we need to school choice across the country, as well as use title IX to prevent biological men from playing in womens’ sports.

DeSantis said that we are a country in decline and that “managing the decline isn’t enough. We must reverse the decline”.

When asked about electability, DeSantis said that as Governor he didn’t use polls but set a vision and lead. DeSantis said the time for execuses is over and that we must get the jobs done in 2024.

The Iowa caucuses are scheduled for January 15th 2024.


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