Iowa Gov Kim Reynolds and Larry Elder Kick Off “Fair-Side Chat” Series

Iowa Gov. Reynolds sits down with Republican Presidential Candidate Larry Elder to kick off her “Fair-Side Chats” series at the Iowa State Fair.

On Thursday, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds kicked off her “Fair-Side chat” series, at the Iowa State Fair. Reynolds will interview most of the 2024 Republican candidates for President over the next several days, although Trump and Christie have both declined the invite.

Conservative radio show host and former California Gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder chatted with Reynolds about his platform and what he would push for if he were to be elected President.

On day 1, he said, he would pardon Donald Trump and called the prosecution of Trump “outrageous” and said that we have a two tier justice system.

Elder said he would resume construction on the border wall started by President Trump.

Elder also said he would sign an executive order that would block a President’s and Vice President’s family members from receiving financial gain or payments tied to official White House business, taking a swipe at both President Joe Biden and Former President Donald Trump.

“This Hunter Biden stuff, this Jared Kushner stuff, this is nonsense,” Elder said. “I’m going to be sitting down with my lawyers to make sure we can do it consistent with the First Amendent. We need to get something done about this. Harry Truman said if you go into politics poor and come out rich, that’s stealing.”

Gov. Reynolds is sitting down with most of the Republican Candidates in the critical state of Iowa, ahead of the Iowa caucuses scheduled for January 15th.

Elder is a long time Conservative radio host and nationally syndicated columnist.


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